1、<Paparazzi> 在white party上,Serena想帮助Nate便吻了他,但却不巧被Dan看到,这下可怎么解释才好呢
2、<Fell In Love Without You> 片尾,Chuck没有挽住BlairSerena回到了Dan的身边,各有各的结局,也各有各的开始
3、<Buzzin> 片头,Catherine与Nate在车里亲热,伴随着这首"Buzzin",又一季激烈的战争即将开场!
-Blair: You want to be part of this world, Jenny,You need to decide if all this is worth it.
  be part of: 成为…的一部分  decide: 决定 worth: ...,值得...
-some girl: (send massage to Blair) Oh, my God! You'll never believe what's on “gossip girl.” Someone saw Serena getting off train at Grand Central.
 getting off: 下车 Grand Central: 中央车站(地名)
上帝啊! 你们看看“绯闻少女”上说了什么,有人看见Serena在中央车站下车了
(52 WEEKS)
-Serena: I thought everything was good between us.
 between: 在中间; 介乎两者之间
-Blair: It was... Before I found out you had sex with my boyfriend.
 had sex with: 与谁发生性关系
曾经是... 在我发现你跟我男朋友上床之前
-Chuck: The best friend and the boyfriend...That's pretty classy, S.
 pretty: adv. 相当地 classy: 上等的; 漂亮的;
最好的朋友和男朋友... 很经典嘛 S
(365 DAYS)
-Dan: You'd really go out with some guy you don't know?
 go out with: 与..约会
-Serena: Well, he can't be worse than the guys I do know.
 worse: 更坏的,更差的
-Rufus: Well, our kids were bound to meet. It's a small island.
 bound: 边界; 界限
我们的孩子总会碰上 这只是个小岛
-Lily: Are you sure it isn't some ploy you're using to get to me?
 ploy: 活动(手法)
你确定 这不是你接近我的方法吗?
whole: 整个 intrigue: 阴谋; 诡计
-Nathaniel: Did you sleep with her, huh?
 sleep: , 睡觉【上床,发生性关系】
你是不是跟她上床了 啊?
-Chuck: I know how long you and I have been best friends, okay?
我们一直以来都是最好的朋友 好吗?
-Nathaniel: No, it's not okay, Chuck. From now on, you stay away from me.
 from now on: 从现在开始
Chuck 不好从现在开始你离我远一点
-Dan: Did something happen last night?  
昨晚有事情发生了 是吧?
-Serena: Yes.
-Dan: I'm done.  
-Jenny: I lied, and I stole, and I lost the respect of my family... For what?
 lied: (过去式)说谎  stole: steal 的过去式,偷, 窃取
 for what: 口语常用句型,为了什么
我说谎 我偷窃,我失去了家人的尊重... 又是为了什么?
-Blair: I tried to warn you. There's a price to pay.
 warn: 警告,注意 price: 代价 
-Bart: Lily, would you do me the honor of being my wife?
 honor: 荣誉; 信誉
Lily 你愿意做我的妻子吗?
-Lily: He proposed before we left, and I'm going to say yes.
 propose: 求婚 
-Chuck: One thing I learned...That in the face of true love, you don't just give up, Even if the object of your affection is begging you to.
 give up: 放弃  even if: 就算  object: 反对, 抗议  affection: ,感情  beg: 乞讨;
我学到了...在真爱面前 不要轻易放弃 就算你所爱之人不给你机会继续
-Serena: I'm not who you thought I was, and you can't forgive that.
 forgive: 原谅
我不是你想的那种人 而你不能原谅这一点
-Dan: I don't know how to make things go back to what they were.
-Serena: I'm locking myself away in the Hamptons. You know how I get it in the summer.  
 lock: ;  Hamptons: 汉普郡(地名)
我要把自己锁在Hamptons了 你知道 这个夏天可有我受的了
-Nathaniel: Yeah, I do.
-Serena: If you want to reflect together, I'll be around.
 reflect: 反映,归咎around: 到处,在周围
你要是想一起反省 随时找我
Season2 E1
-Narrator: And who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell. You know you love me. X.O.X.O., gossip girl.
想知道我是谁? 这是个永恒的秘密你知道你爱我X.O.X.O. 绯闻少女
Unlike the rest of us, Sex, lies and scandal never take a vacation. Instead, they take the Long Island Expressway and head east to the Hamptons.
take a vacation: 去度假 scandal: 丑闻Instead: 相反 Long Island: 长岛 Expressway: 高速
Some would say summer is their busiest season. Think Park Avenue, but with tennis whites and bain de soleil. The players change, but the game remains the same.
tennis: 网球  whites: 蛋白, 白种人  remains: 余留; 留下
有人说夏天是它们最忙的时候 试想公园大道却和网球鞋性感泳装交织呈现 玩家纷纭 游戏却就那么一个
[Scene: Nate and Catherine are very affectionate in the car]
 affectionate: 充满深情的; 任性的; 强烈倾向的
-Nathaniel: This is so great.
-Catherine: Mmm. Are you sure Serena's still OK with covering for you? She was a little cold.
你确定Serena还能做我们的掩护吗? 她有点冷漠
-Nathaniel: Oh, she's totally fine.
 totally: 完全
哦 她没问题
-Catherine: Mmm. But you haven't told her anything?
嗯 但你还没跟她说?
-Nathaniel: All she knows is that I'm seeing someone I'm not ready to introduce to anyone just yet. Or ever.
introduce: 介绍  ever: 曾经,永远,究竟
她只知道我在与人交往 我没准备好把你介绍给别人或者不打算
Look, she needed time to decompress from her breakup anyway. Covering for me works for her, too.
decompress: 缓缓排除压力(减压)  breakup: 分手
你想想 她也需要时间从分手中恢复过来 为我们作掩护对她也有好处
-Catherine: Let's go to my place before somebody spots us.
spots: 立即的, 当场做出的
去我那里吧 免得别人注意到我们
-Nathaniel: Your house? I thought we couldn't.
你那里? 我以为我们不能呢
-Catherine: There's always the guesthouse.
 guesthouse: 宾馆客房
[Scene: Chuck with three girls on the Cooper's beach]
-Chuck: Girls, you don't know how thankful I am to finally find you so geometric you might get in life. Yes
 thankful: 感谢的; 感激的finally: 最后, 终于geometric: 几何学的
(Phone rings)
-Narrator: Spotted... Blair Waldorf at Charles de Gaulle homeward bound.
What could possibly make Queen B abandon her two Dads before Labor Day? We bet Chuck Bass wants to know. 
bound: 边界; 界限  Queen: 名媛, 皇后; 王后  abandon: 放弃,遗弃bet: 打赌
注意了... Blair WaldorfChahaes de Gaulle 回家了究竟是什么会让B皇后在劳动节前抛弃她的两个爸爸呢我打赌Chuck Bass一定想知道
-Girl A: Mr. Chuck? Is there something you need care taking of?
 take care of: 照料
Chuck先生? 您是要去忙什么事吗?
-Chuck: The only thing I need to take care of is you...and you...and you.
我唯一需要忙的事 是你...你...和你
-Narrator: Also spotted..Serena Van der Woodsen on Cooper's beach...Alone again.
 alone: 单独地
再次注意...Serena Van der Woodsen在Cooper海滩上... 再次一个人
We've heard talking that things are heating up with Nate Archibald. And where there's smoke, there's usually fire.
heat up: 打得火热  case: 情形,情况
我们听说传闻SNate Archibald又打得火热有烟的地方总是会有火
 But if that's the case, why has Nate fallen right off our radar and Serena, as always, sighted solo?
radar: 雷达  solo: 独奏,独唱
但如果真是这样 为什么Nate从我们的雷达上消失了 而Serena总是独自一人?
Wonder what she'd do if she knew lonely boy wasn't so lonely anymore.
Wonder: 惊奇,想知道  lonely: 孤单的
真想看看她会怎么做 如果她知道孤独男孩不再孤独了
[Scene: In a bookshop]
-Harris: (reading) “Things happen, people change...”
-Dan: You know, I...I've been Harris' assistant all summer. How come I don't know you?
 assistant: 助手, 助理
-Girl B: I was at his symposium at the 92nd street a while and you?
 symposium: 讨论会
-Dan: No way. No, if you were there, we would have met.
不可能 你要是去了 我们一定早就相遇了
-Harris: (reading) “...And dish up justice. You considered violence and you considered reconciliation.”
 justice: 正义, 公正 violence: 暴力  reconciliation: 和解, 顺从
“...同时献上正义 考虑暴力 同时考虑和解”
-Girl B: How about now...We can meet whenever you want?
-Harris: I had my eye on her.
-Dan: I...I don't think she noticed, sir.  
-Harris: I read from your favorite chapter. Or did you not notice?
 favorite: 特别喜爱的  chapter: ,  notice: 注意, 通知
我读了你最喜欢的那段 或许你没有发现
-Dan: Uh, you know, I've heard that chapter so many times; sometimes I think I wrote it myself.
啊 你知道 我读过那段太多次了 有时我都觉得是我自己写的
-Harris: Speaking of, where is that story of yours? You know, the one your internship requires you turn in?
 internship: 实习生身份  require: 需要,要求  turn in: 转动, 翻转
说起来 你的那篇文章呢?你的实习要求的那篇?
-Dan: Yeah, it's, uh, it's imminent.
 imminent: 即将来临的; 逼近的
是的 那个 离完成不远了 
-Harris: So is death. Be more specific.
 death: 死亡 specific: 特殊的
死亡也离我们不远了 具体点
-Dan: I... I'm just doing polish. It's basically done.
 polish: 擦亮; 润饰  basically: 基本上; 主要地
-Harris: Noah Shapiro at the “Paris Review” is looking forward to it. And calling him was an amazing thing to do for me.
 “Paris Review”: 巴黎评论 look forward to: 期待  amazing: 令人惊异的
巴黎评论的Noah Shapiro很期待呢您能给他打电话真的很好
-Dan: Really, thank you.
真的 谢谢您
-Harris: I told him it would be even better than your piece in the “New Yorker.” Don't let me down.
 piece: ,, let…down: 失望
我对他说这篇会超越你在纽约客的那篇 别让我失望
-Dan: Oh, it'll be on your desk first thing in the morning, sir.
明天一早它就会出现在你桌上 先生
-Harris: Why don't you go home and finish now?
-Girl C: Hey! Where have you been hiding?
 hide: 隐瞒; 躲藏,
嘿! 你躲哪儿去了?
-Dan: Hey.
-Girl C: I thought you asked me to meet you here.
-Dan: You know what? Unfortunately, I-I have to go. Rain check for tomorrow? I'll make it up. I promise.
 unfortunately: 不幸地; 偏巧地  promise: 诺言, 希望, 约定
Rain check for tomorrow?: 口语,因下雨而需要更改时间,意译为改时间
你知道吗? 不幸的是我我我必须走了明天补请? 我一定来我保证
-Girl C: Okay.
-Narrator: Well, well, well, lonely boy. Maybe dating and dumping Serena wasn't such a bad idea. Looks like it's time to give you a new nickname. How about “playboy”?
 lonely: 孤单的  dump: 倾倒; 倾卸【口语专用为甩掉的意思】nickname: 绰号
 playboy: 花花公子
[Scene: In the clothes-making room]
-Laurel: People, people, I'm worried. Eleanor returns next week, and we are still behind.
 return: 返回,归还
伙计们 伙计们 我急死了Eleanor下周就回来了 可我们还是落后于进度
Now since I have to go to that party this weekend, I won't be around, and therefore, neither will you, So you better get twice as much work done today, or you will regret it.
around: ...周围  therefore: 因此,所以  neither: 两者都不  twice: 两倍
regret: 遗憾,后悔
-Narrator: As for little J, looks like this summer has been all work and no play.  
-Laurel: You can't be finished. There's no way you could possibly be finished. Don't you do anything when you leave here, Ginny?
你这怎么能完成得了这绝不可能按时完成离开这儿的时候你做了什么 Ginny?
-Jenny: Um, actually, I was hoping I could show you something I've been working on.
 actually: 实际上
-Laurel: This isn't school. I don't look at your work.
这里不是学校 我不看你的作业
-Laurel’s assistant: I was an intern once, too. It gets better.
 intern: 新人
我也是新人 以后会好的
-Laurel: What is that?
-Jenny: Oh, it's a dress I made for the white party.
 dress: 穿晚礼服
哦 为派对准备的礼服
-Laurel: For the vitamin water party? Mm hmm, who invited you? Oh lace? Ugh! It's not even white. It's bone. It's way too big for you. Don't you know how to fit?
It's huge.
vitamin: 维生素  invite: 邀请  bone: 骨头  fit: 适合; 合身  huge: 巨大的
Vitamin Water的派对? 呃嗯谁邀请你了? 蕾丝? ! 还不是纯白象牙白你穿太大了你不知道怎么量体裁衣吗? 大的离谱
-Jenny: Well, it's not actually for me. It is for you. Um, I'm not going to the party, so...
 actually: 实际上
-Laurel: Oh, so you thought I might wear some Holly Hobbie frock made by an intern,
so that when I get photographed, your work ends up in “W”?
wear: 穿着  intern: 实习生  photographe: 照片
所以你认为我会穿一个实习生做的Holly Hobbie长裙(服装品牌)? 这样我被拍到时你的作品就能顺理成章贴上Waldorf的商标?
 If I'm gonna wear a costume anything, it's gonna matter.
gonna =going to<>将要 costume: 装束; 服装
我要穿的礼服 或是任何衣服都是头等大事
-Laure’s assistant: Here's what you asked for, Laurel.  
 ask for: 要求;
这是你要的 Laure
-Laurel: Since you did so well with repairing the trim on the dead stock, match these up. Oh, and put that away. Eggshell gives me a migraine.
 repair: 修补  trim: 整齐, 修剪  stock: 树干  eggshell: 蛋壳  migraine: 偏头疼
既然你这么能干能修补积压商品 把这些配起来还有 把衣服放一边去 这颜色我看着头疼
[Scene: Dan and Jenny are at home]
-Dan: Well, I guess now's as good a time as any to order dinner. What do you want? Indian?  
 Indian: 印度的
来吧 现在叫外卖最好不过了 你想吃什么? 印度菜?
-Jenny: Oh, it's too hot for Indian. How about Popsicles? Hey, where's Mom?
 Popsicles: (一种棒冰) 棒棒冰淇淋
哦 印度菜太辣了 Popsicles怎么样?(一种棒冰) 嘿 妈妈在哪儿?
-Dan: Oh, she and Alex had tickets to “South Pacific”. What is that, more homework?
 ticket: 票, 券
哦 她和Alex去看音乐剧了 “南太平洋之恋”这是什么 新任务?
-Jenny: Finish your story yet?
-Dan: Almost.  
-Jenny: Good. I'm hoping by reading it. Maybe I can figure out why you and Serena broke up anyway.
figure out: 弄明白  break up: 分手
-Dan: Yeah. Me, too. Hey, Jen. I'm gonna head out and get some food. I'll be back in a bit.
 gonna =going to<>将要
也许吧 我也想 嗨 Jen 我出去买点吃的 马上就回来
[Scene: Chuck and Serena are in a room]
-Serena: This is the first time I've seen you look in the mirror all summer.
Here I thought if you did, you'd turn to stone.
mirror: 镜子
这是我整个暑假第一次看见你在照镜子 我还以为你一照镜子就会变成石头
You must be pretty nervous about something. If you're willing to take that risk.
nervous: 神经紧张的  be willing to: 乐于  risk: 风险,危险
你肯定非常紧张 如果你想去冒那个险
-Chuck: Ha ha, Sis, I'm on my way out to Lily Pond with the triplets returning to Rio. I thought I'd continue my tour of South America. I'm thinking Argentina.
 triplets: 三个一组  Sis: Sister的简称  continue: 继续,连续  Argentina: 阿根廷
好妹妹我现在要去Lily Pond和三个辣妹一起回Rio (南美洲河流) 我该继续我的南美之旅 比如阿根廷
-Serena: Then what are the flowers for? You wouldn't perhaps have overheard a recent phone call with a certain best friend of mine, who mentioned she's on her way out here on the jitney?
 perhaps: 也许,可能  overheard: 无意中听到  recent: 最近的  certain: 某几个,某些
 mention: 提到, 陈述, 言及  jitney: 小型公共汽车
那些花是干嘛的? 你不会是偷听了我的电话吧 我最好的朋友她说正要坐小巴过来?
-Chuck: What's a jitney?
 jitney: 小型公共汽车
-Serena: If that's your way of saying no, then I'm glad to hear it. Cause Blair will never forgive you for what you did to her.
 forgive: 原谅
-Chuck: Who told you that little piece of advice? Your “boyfriend” Nate? 
 piece: , ,  advice: 劝告, 忠告
-Serena: Nate didn't say anything.
-Chuck: Good. ‘cause I don't think it's wise taking relationship advice from somebody in a fake relationship. Call me crazy. Enjoy another night alone with your thoughts.
 relationship: 关系, 关联  advice: 劝告, 忠告  fake: 虚假的
很好 我可不想从一个处在虚假的感情里的人那儿听什么恋爱建议我没疯 又一个孤独的夜晚 好好享受吧
-Serena: Good luck on your suicide mission.
 suicide: 自杀  mission: 任务, 使命
-Narrator: Spotted--Chuck Bass waiting for the jitney. A dozen roses in one hand, his heart in the other.
 jitney: 小型公共汽车  dozen: (),十二个
注意了 Chuck Bass正在等小巴一手捧着玫瑰花一手捧着他的心
You know what they say. A man is a good thing to come home for, but even a better thing to come home with. Ain't karma a bitch? We know Blair Waldorf is.
Ain't =are not, am not(带有否定意义)  karma: 命运  bitch: 母狗; 母狐; 母狼
有人说在家等着的男人是好的 不过带回家的男人更好命运不是个麻烦? Blair Waldorf 肯定是
-Blair: You didn't do anything all summer? Please don't tell me you just at around watching “The Closer” and eating takeout from Nick and Toni's.
 around: 大约,到处,在周围  “The Closer”: (美剧《罪案终结》)  takeout: 外卖
你整个暑假什么事也没做? 别告诉我你就坐那看着“The Closer”(美剧《罪案终结》) 一边吃着Nick&Toni的外卖?
-Serena: No, Della Femina.
Della Femina
-Blair: What about all those rumors I heard about you and Nate?
 rumors: 谣言, 谣传
-Serena: Mn-hmn-hmn-h. Completely untrue.
 Completely: 完全地,十分地
They just got people off my back about being sad. And then Nate could do whatever he wanted. So it worked out for both of us. 
只是为了甩掉那些认为我悲痛欲绝的八卦们而且Nate想做什么都可以 结果是这样对我们两人都有好处
-Blair: You're telling me you didn't have any fun with anyone all summer?  
你是说 你整个暑假一个人什么也没做?
-Serena: Oh, there was this hot lifeguard that asked me out. But I, you know I turned him down. 
 lifeguard: 救生员  turn…down: 拒绝
哦 有个很性感的救生员约我 可是我拒绝了
-Blair: What? Are you crazy? A hot lifeguard is like Kleenex. Use once and throw away.
 You couldn't ask for a better rebound. 
 kleenex: 纸巾; 克里内克斯纸巾  throw away: 扔掉 rebound: 复原
什么? 你没搞错吧? 一个性感的救生员就像纸巾用一次就扔了 再没有更好的救生圈了
-Serena: I don't think I'm ready I still miss Dan sometimes…More than sometimes... all the time.  
 miss: 想念
我还没准备好 偶尔还会想念Dan....不只偶尔... 一直想
-Blair: The only thing lamer than dating Dan Humphrey is mourning Dan Humphrey...
 lamer: 不完全的; 僵痛的  mourn: 哀痛, 哀悼
比和Dan Humphrey约会更糟的事就是为Dan Dumphrey伤心...
And the only reason you still sit and shiver is because you haven't gotten back out there and had your summer fling.
shiver: 颤抖; 寒颤  sit: , 坐着  gotten: get的过去分词  fling: 投掷,急冲,嘲弄
-Chuck: (answering a phone call) Yeah the triplets esquerda'd, But not before teaching me some Portuguese tongue twisters. I'll see ya.
 triplets: 三个一组  tongue twister: 绕口令ya (=you)只被用于口语  Portuguese: 葡萄牙人, 葡萄牙语
-Blair: James is the classiest guy I've ever met, you know? He drinks gin martinis and he speaks six languages and he gave me this amazing Bulgaria pearl choker with a gold “B” clasp on it.
 gin: 杜松子酒  martinis: 马提尼酒  amazing: 令人惊异的  Bulgaria: 保加利亚
 pearl: 珍珠  choker: 窒息物,宽领带  gold: ()  clasp: 扣子; 紧握
James是我见过的最优雅的人你知道吗? 他喝杜松马爹利还会六种语言还送了一条精美的保加利亚珍珠项链上面有个金的”B”
-Serena: Wait. I thought your Dad gave you that. Who's James? Oh my God. B. He sounds amazing. The last time we talked, um... you hadn't even met him.
 amazing: 令人惊异的
等等不是你爸给你的吗 James又是谁? 天哪 B 他听上去很棒上次我们聊天的时候... 你还没遇到他呢
-Blair: Oh, I know! He swept me off my feet. He's so charming. Plus he tells the best stories.
 sweep off: 清扫,吹走  charming: 迷人的  Plus: 另有; 外加
哦 我知道! 他让我神魂颠倒 他太有魅力了 而且 他还很会讲故事
-Chuck: You're lying.
-Blair: I am not.  
-Chuck: Your eyes. They don't match your mouth.  
 match: 使...相配
-Blair: I wasn't aware that robots got jealous. Did they update your software when I was away?
 aware: 意识到的  robot: 机械  jealous: 嫉妒的  update: 更新  software: 程序
没想到机器也会吃醋 我不在的时候 他们更新你的程序了吗?
-Chuck: Come on. You and I both know this guy's just a prop you bought trying to hurt me, like I hurt you.  
 prop: 支撑; 维持  bought: 买来的  hurt: 伤害
别装了 你我都清楚那家伙不过是你带来伤害我的就像我伤害了你
-Blair: You didn't hurt me. Well, I will admit. Waiting for you in Tuscany. The first few days
were mildly humiliating. But when I realized you weren't gonna show, I relied. Luckily, I made a friend on the trip over.
admit: 承认  mildly: 和善的 humiliate: 羞辱  realize: 察觉;领悟  gonna =going to<>将要
你没有伤害我 好吧 我承认 在Tuscany等你的开始几天是有些羞辱我 不过等我意识到你不会出现我解脱了 幸运的是我在去的路上认识了个朋友
-Chuck: Boring Ben, my Dad's ex-employee? By the way, I had him fired just for you.
 ex-: 前缀,之前的意思  employee: 职员fire: 解雇
那个傻Ben 我爸的前雇员? 他被解雇了 因为你
-Blair: Well, I owe him everything. He introduced me to James. You know, I think he might be the one.
 owe:  introduce: 介绍  the one: 真命天子
我欠他太多了他给我介绍了James 你知道他可能就是我要找的人
-Chuck: Prove it. 
 prove: 证明
-Blair: I don't have to prove anything. But if you want to get to know James better, I'll bring him to dinner tonight. I'll bet you'll like him just as much as I do.  
我没必要去证明 但如果你想更好的了解James的话 今晚我会带他去吃晚餐 我敢打赌你会和我一样喜欢他
-Chuck: Oh, and if by that you mean I won't like him at all, then you're right. I'll see you at 7: 00.
哦 如果你指的是我一点也不喜欢他 那你就说对了 7点见
-Blair: Now how about we go find that lifeguard? But we have to stop at Nate's first. He has something of mine that I need.
 lifeguard: 救生员
现在我们怎么办 要去找那个救生员吗? 但是我们得先去Nate那里 他有一些我需要的东西
[Scene: Jenny and Rufus are talking on the phone]
-Jenny: Hey. How’s Vermont?
 Vermont: 佛蒙特州
-Rufus: Great. Vanessa and her parents were at last night's gig. I didn't even know she was up here.
gig: 鱼叉; 排钩公演
太棒了 瓦内萨和她父母去看了昨晚的公演我不知道她在这里
When I asked her how Dan was doing, she didn't answer. I had hoped maybe that she could help him get over Serena this summer.
 get over: 克服; ...忘怀; 从中恢复过来
-Jenny: I don't think Dan needs any help in that department And I think Vanessa noticed.
-Rufus: Is he still dating up a storm?
 storm: 暴风雨, 风波, 骚动
-Jenny: Well, if you call a different girl every night “dating.” I'm a little worried about him, dad.
是的 如果每晚换个女孩也能叫做约会的话 爸爸 我有一担心他
-Rufus: Is he there?
-Jenny: He's still sleeping. He was out pretty late last night.
他还在睡觉 昨晚很晚才回来
-Rufus: Have him call me when he wakes up. Hey, you know, you haven't told me how the dress went over.
go over: 受欢迎; 重温; 察看
让他醒了给我回电话 嗨 你还没告诉我那条裙子怎么样了
-Jenny: Ah, it's over. Uh, Laurel doesn't want to wear it to the party.
没戏了 Laurel不想穿着它去参加派对
-Rufus: Well, why don't you wear it?
-Jenny: Dad, as nice as it is that you're encouraging girl to get my designs out there, the white party's, like, e, Last year, they even turned away Jack Johnson.
 encouraging: 鼓励  design:  设计; 花样; 图案
非常感谢你鼓励我穿自己的作品但是白色派对很特别去年Jack Johnson都没能参加
-Rufus: Sounds like a party with taste. 
 sound like: 听起来像  taste: 味道,品味
-Jenny: Dad! Also sounds like The kind of party The Van der Woodsens Would go to.
!还听起来像Van der woodsens要去的派对
-Rufus: Have you asked Eric about it?  
-Jenny: Yeah, that might be a little awkward, considering the last conversation we had. I sort of said some things I shouldn't have. You know, maybe I should have just come with you this summer.
 awkward: 尴尬  sort of: 有几分地
Eleanor's been in Paris, like, the entire time, and Laurel's been so worried about everything. What if it was a waste? 
waste: 废物, 损耗, 浪费
Eleanor在巴黎呆一个夏天而且Laurel对任何事情都很担心 整个夏天都快浪费掉了?
-Rufus: It's not a waste if there's time to change it. Maybe you should start with Eric and then go from there.
 waste: 废物, 损耗, 浪费 
能改变 就不会浪费 也许Eric就是你改变的起点
-Jenny: Thanks, dad. See you Sunday?  
谢谢你 爸爸 星期天见?
-Rufus: You know it.
-Jenny: Okay bye.
[Scene: Dan came to find Harris in a bar]
-Joe: Not today, kid.
-Harris: It's all right, Joe. He's with me.
没事 Joe 他是来找我的
-Dan: I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're working.
interrupt : 打扰
-Harris: You wouldn't be interrupting if you'd shown up on time. Something tells me you’re here empty handed.
interrupt: 打扰  show: 显现
只要你按时到就不会打扰我 看来你是空手而来的
-Dan: All I need is, uh, one more day.
-Harris: What, the last 60 weren’t good enough? 
什么 过去的60天还不够吗?
-Dan: I'm sorry, sir, but I I...
-Harris: Don't sit. You're not staying. You told me you were serious about writing.
 serious: 严肃的, 认真的
别坐下 你不走吧 你说过你很热衷于写作
-Dan: II know. I tried to write. I did. But every time sat down, It's just, there was something in the way. I couldn't focus.
 focus: 集中,聚集,使集中
我 我知道 我试着去写 我努力了 但是每次我一坐下只是 有些事情妨碍我 我无法集中精力
-Harris: Excuses are for the unemployed, of which you are now one. If you won't do your homework, then neither will I. You'll get no letter of recommendation from me.
 unemployed: 失业  neither: 两者都不  recommendation: 推荐信, 介绍信
借口是为失业的人准备的 你也是其中一个如果你不完成你的作业那么我也不会 你将得不到我的推荐信
-Dan: W-working for you is very important to me.
 important: 重要
-Harris: And yet, your actions illustrated only the opposite. Drop my spare key in the mail. That I'm sure you have time to do.
 illustrate: 举例说明  opposite: 对立面; 对立物  drop: 放下,掉下  spare: 剩余, 备用轮胎
然而 你的行动却证明你是相反的 把我的备用钥匙扔到邮箱里我敢肯定你有时间做
[Scene: Jenny gave a phone call to Eric]
-Eric: If it's apology time, you're about three months late.
 apology: 道歉
-Jenny: Eric, wait...  
Eric 别挂...
-Eric: And let me guess. You want something
让我猜猜 你是想得到点什么
-Jenny: Yeah, you're right. Um, does it help that the new me answered that honestly?
-Eric: Not really.
-Jenny: Look... I know I acted Like a complete and total raging bitch last year. But what you don't know is how bad I felt about it all summer.
 complete: 完整的  total: 绝对的  raging: 狂暴的  bitch: 婊子
你看... 我知道我去年像个不折不扣的婊子 但是 你不知道我整个夏天的心情是多么
 You were the only person that was friend with me for me, and I hurt you the worst.
 hurt: 伤害
对我而言 你是我唯一的朋友 但我却伤害你最深
-Eric: Well, you did get yours in the end. And since it's not like I have many friends myself, I guess I could use every lying, Manipulating, backstabbing one I can get. What'd you have in mind?
 manipulate: 操纵, 操作, 利用  backstabbing: 陷害
呃 你最后也得到教训了 既然我自己没有很多朋友是的 你说得对利用 暗算某人 我做不到 你怎么想?
-Jenny: Well, do you happen to be in the Hamptons right now?
[Scene: Serena ready to date with a guy]
-Blair: Ooh. A honk instead of a knock. Did someone order a townie?
 honk: 汽车的喇叭声  knock: 敲门  townie: 城市生活的  order: 命令; 定购;
车喇叭响了 都不来敲门的 谁点了个城里小伙?
-Serena: Oh, god. The lifeguard's got a camaro, And not in an ironic “I've got a camaro” way.
 camaro: 雪弗莱概念车  ironic: 讽刺的
-Blair: Just go already. Luck?
-Serena: Yeah. You, too. Mwah.. Hey, and if anybody asks, I'm out with Nate, okay?
-Blair: I still don’t understand what that’s about, but okay. Where is he tonight anyway?
-Serena: I don't know. Bye.
[Scene: Catherine and Nate are hooking up each other in Catherine’s house]
-Catherine: I'm sorry I couldn't see you all day. It just got away from me. Oh, god. I wish the summer won't ending. I forgot how much fun it is.
对不起我一整天都不能见你 我老公刚刚才走哦 天啊 真希望这个夏天不会结束 我忘了那是多么的有趣
-Nathaniel: Well, lots of people have affairs that last year-round.
 affair: 外遇
呃 去年很多人都有外遇啊
-Catherine: Yeah, But I can't get caught.
 caught: 捕捉(catch的过去式)
是啊 但我可不能被逮住
-Nathaniel: I can be really sneaky.
 sneaky: 偷偷摸摸
-Catherine: Sneaky is cute at your age. A couple decades later, not so much. Mmm. Can we talk about this later?
 sneaky: 偷偷摸摸  decade: 十年  
在你的年纪 偷偷摸摸是挺可爱的嗯我们能一会再谈吗?
-Nathaniel: If I'm so cute, let’s talk about this now. Why don't I do something that shuts you up.
 cute: 可爱  shut up: 闭嘴
[Scene: Chuck, Blair and her new boyfriend James are sitting together in the garden]
-Chuck: So, James, did you have a chance to meet Harold And, uh... What is his boyfriend's name again?
 chance: 机会
那么 James你有机会见Harard吗?而且...
-James: Uh, Roman? Only briefly at the chateau. Although cat didn't seem to like me nearly as much. I have the scars to prove it.
 briefly: 暂时地; 简要地  chateau: 城堡 scars: 伤痕
她男朋友叫什么来着? Roman? 就在城堡那稍微聚了下虽然那猫似乎不咋喜欢我有伤痕为证
-Chuck: Well, you certainly have crammed an awful lot into such a short time together
I wondered, has Blair had a chance to share her favorite movies with you yet? “Tiffany's,” “Roman holiday,” and of course, ”Charade.”
cram: 塞满, 猛吃  awful: 吓人的   “Tiffany's”: 第凡尼的早晨” “Roman holiday,”: 罗马假日”  ”Charade.”: 谜中迷”
这短短几天你肯定很遭罪我在想 Blair有和你分享她喜欢的电影吗?“第凡尼的早晨” “罗马假日当然还有谜中迷
-James: Oh, I thought your third favorite was “Funny face.”
 “Funny face.”: 甜姐儿”
哦 我以为你第三喜欢的是 “甜姐儿”
-Blair: It is. I hate “Chahade.”  Chuck, stop harassing him.
 harass: 使烦恼, 烦扰; 不断骚扰
是的 我讨厌 “谜中迷” Chuck 别烦他了
-Eric: Yeah, uh, how well do you know Blair Waldorf?” Is kinda boring for those of us who actually know Blair Waldorf.
 boring: 烦人的, 无趣的actually: 实际上
你了解Blair waldorf多少?” 对于我们中了解Blair waldorf的人来说真是聊
-Grandma: Not to mention transparent. 
 transparent: 透明的
-Chuck: Well, thank you, grandma.
呃 谢谢你 奶奶
-Grandma: Why is it when you say that word it sounds like an insult?
 sounds like: 听起来像  insult: 侮辱, 无礼
-James: No, no, I... I don't mind...I would like to learn as much as I can about Blair. And there's no better way to learn than through a quiz.
 quiz: 小考,随堂测验  through: 经过,穿过,凭借
不 不 我... 我不介意..我愿意了解Blair的一切小测验是最好的办法
-Chuck: Well, it's a shame you guys took a bus and not a limo. I don't know If you know this, But Blair loves a limo
 shame: 羞愧,遗憾的事  limo: 豪华轿车
呃 真遗憾你们搭乘的是公共汽车而不是豪华轿车我不知道 你是不是知道 Blair 喜欢豪华...
-Blair: Sweetie, will you please pass me the salt and pepper?
 pass: 经过,消逝,传递  salt:  pepper: 胡椒
-Chuck: Uh, excuse me. I think I just lost my appetite.
 lost: 遗失; 错过appetite: 食欲, 欲望
-Blair: Will you excuse me? Chuck.
-Chuck: Look, I know what that pin means to you. You gave it to Nate the first Time you said you loved him.
 pin: 别针,大头针
-Blair: Well, I asked for it back. I thought James should have it now.
-Chuck: Do you, uh...Really feel the same way about him as you did Nate?
你 呃... 你真的对他和你对Nate的感情一样?
-Blair: I do.
-Chuck: I'll see you at school.
-Blair: Oh, my goodness. My pin must have gotten caught on your sweater by mistake.
 my goodness: 我的天  pin: 别针  caught: (catch的过去式)抓住,赶上  sweater: 毛衣
哦 我的天啊 我的别针不小心挂在你的毛衣上了
-James: Oh, wow. I didn't feel anything.
呃 我没感觉到
-Blair: Neither did I.
[Scene: Catherine and Nate are lying on the bed, but Catherine’ s husband seems back]
-Catherine: Well, Nathaniel, you have a choice...Under the bed or out the window.
 choice: 选择
Nathaniel 你有个选择...到床底下还是从窗户逃走
-Nathaniel: What?
-Catherine: My husband just pulled up.
 pull up: 停车
-Nathaniel: Your husband? I thought he wasn't supposed to be home till next week.
 suppose: 本应该
你丈夫? 我以为他下个星期才能回家
-Catherine: Seems he's home early.
 seem: 像是, 似乎
-Nathaniel: Whoa.  
[Scene: Nate met Serena when he running to home]
-Serena: Nate?
-lifeguard: What the hell's his deal?  
 hell: 地狱; 阴间; 苦境
-Serena: I have no idea.
[Scene: Blair and Serena are hanging out on the street]
-Blair: Damn that mother-Chucker. He... he's totally right. I don't even like James.
 Damn: 该死的,可恶的totally: 完全
去他的那个Chuck... 他说得很对我又不喜欢James
-Serena: Thank you. I was waiting for that.
真感谢 我一直在等你说这句话呢
-Blair: I only hooked up with him a week ago because I knew that I couldn't get off the plane alone. And it would kill me if Chuck knew that he'd ruined my summer.
hook up: 以钩钩住【勾搭住】get off: 下飞机  ruin: 使毁灭
我才跟他约会了一个礼拜 因为我知道 我不能一个人走下那架飞机而且如果让Chuck知道他毁了我的暑期 我会郁闷死的
-Serena: Oh, B, I'm so sorry. Was it really bad?
B. 我很抱歉情况有这么严重吗?
-Blair: I would be in my cabana at the hotel and there he would be. Amid all the fireworks on bastille day, all I could see was that Chuck Bass-tard.
 amid: 在其间,在其中  fireworks: 烟火  bastille: 巴士底监狱
-Chuck: The limo's taking me back in an hour. You're welcome to join me dude. 
 limo: 豪华轿车  dude: 花花公子
一个小时后有辆豪华轿车来接我 伙计 你可以跟我一起走
-Nathaniel: You're not going to the white party? Come on. pretty girls, white dresses.
你不去今晚的”白色”晚会了? 来吧 漂亮的女孩穿着白色的裙子
-Chuck: Unless there's a sprinkler, I don't care. Besides, it’s tourist season in the city. Easy pickings. Okay, and I don't want Blair throwing her callboy in my face.
 sprinkler: 洒水车  unless: 除非  besides: 此外  tourist: 观光客, 旅行者
callboy: 唤演员按时上台之人
我不想去 除非那里有辆洒水车 而且 现在可是旅游季节 购买旺季 好吧 我不想看 Blair在我面前带着那”应召男妓”晃来晃去
-Blair: At least I could have got a more interesting stand in than James. Do you know how hard it is to find a good fake boyfriend on short notice?
 fake: 假的; 冒充的
至少我可以找到一个比James更有趣的替补 你知道要马上找到一个优秀的假男朋友有多难吗?
-Serena: Well, he was smart and fun at tea yesterday, And he's really cute, too.
 cute:  可爱
-Blair: You don't have to lie any more, Serena. He served his purpose. Now that Chuck is on his way back to the city, I can dump James just in time to go to the white party stag. How was your date, by the way?  
 purpose: 目的, 决心, 意向  dump: 甩掉
他只是起到他的作用而已 Chuck在回来的路上了我把James甩了后正好可以去参加白色晚会不过你的约会情况怎样了?
-Serena: After a few hours with that guy, I needed life saving, not guarding.
-Blair: Babysteps, smothery. Babysteps.
 smothery: 令人透不过气的
-Chuck: By the way, Archibald, now that the summer's over, I can tell you I never believed in any of the talk that you hit it with my sis.
 hit: ,打击,碰撞  sis: Sister的简称
Archibald 尽管夏天快结束了我还是不相信你说的在路上碰到我妹妹S的事情
(They met each other)
-Chuck: Morning, Wardolf.  
早上好 Wardolf
-Blair: It wasn't until now.
-Serena: Nate, why didn't you call me back this morning?
Nate 你今天早上干嘛不回我电话?
-Nathaniel: I can't talk about that here.
-Chuck: So where's Princeton? I'm surprised you let him get away.
 Princeton: 普林斯顿  surprise: 惊奇
你那个普林斯顿男朋友去哪了? 他竟然不在你身边
-Blair: James goes to Georgetown, and unlike you, I don't lose something if I let him out of my sight.
 sight: 景观, 眼界, 视力
James去的是乔治城大学我不像你       就算他不在我身边我也不会心里空空的
-Serena: When you told me your secret girlfriend was older, I thought you meant college. Not to mention, Catherine's married.
 secret: 秘密的  mention: 提到, 陈述, 言及  married: 已婚的
-Chuck: I don't know where you've been, but your boy toy is a Princeton man. He and I talked about it while you played dress up with Serena last night.  
 dress up: 化妆
-Nathaniel: Catherine ended it with me last night.
-Serena: What? Tell me.  
什么? 跟我说说
-Blair: You misheard, Chuck. He's always going on and on about his crew division and his eating club. It's Georgetown all the way.
 misheard: 听错  crew: 全体人员  division: 部门  club: 俱乐部
你听错了 Chuck 他一直忙着他的员工部门和他的餐饮俱乐部反正就是乔治城
-Chuck: I know he said Princeton.
-Blair: Georgetown. 
-Chuck: Princeton.
-Blair: Georgetown. Serena, Let's go.
乔治城 Serena 我们走
-Serena: Well, I'm glad to hear you're not seeing Catherine anymore. We talk about it later.
(Chuck giving a call to Eric)
-Chuck: Eric, it's me. You were at dinner last night. What college does Blair's consort go to? Yeah, well, that's not what he told Blair. Do some research, junior. I'm in the mood to be right.
 consort: 配偶, 夫妻  junior: 年少的; 后进的  mood: 心情, 情绪
Eric 是我 你昨晚也跟我们一起吃饭 Blair的男伴上的是什么大学?是啊 但他跟Blair说的不是这样 调查一下 弟弟 我觉得我是对的
[Scene: At Dan’s home, he is talking with his father]
-Dan: I can't believe that I get a job working for my literary idol, and he... and he cans me, you know?
 literary: 文学的  idol: 偶像  can: 解雇
我真不敢相信 我竟然能为我的文学偶像办事但是他... 他把我解雇了 你知道吗?
I did everything he asked from picking up his dry cleaning to keeping him sober before noon, which was, believe me, the hardest thing I've ever done.
pick up: 收,取  sober: 清醒的,稳重的
-Rufus: Harder than finishing that story?
-Dan: I just couldn't write it, dad. I...I...I don't know why.
爸爸我写不出来... ... 我也不知道为什么
-Rufus: You're talking to a guy who couldn't finish a new song in 12 years. I get it. So what is the story about anyway?
-Dan: The dissolution of a relationship between two people from different worlds.
 dissolution: 分解, 解散, 溶解  relationship: 关系, 关联
-Rufus: Science fiction, huh?
 fiction: 小说
-Dan: yeah.
-Rufus: Well, if I can offer some fatherly advice from 300 miles away...
 offer: 提供  fatherly: 父亲的  advice: 劝告, 忠告
-Dan: I...I... I haven't finished the story because I haven't dealt with my feelings over the way I ended it with Serena.
 dealt with: 处理  feeling: 感觉, 同情, 情绪
我...我... 我完不成这个故事是因为我无法在和Serena的感情上得到解脱
-Rufus: Couldn't have said it better myself, even if you'd let me.
就算你让我形容你现在的处境 我说的也不比你好
-Dan: I've tried not to think about her all the summer. I was afraid if I did, that I would... I would see that I made a huge mistake. So I've just been trying to distract myself the best I can.
 afraid: 遗憾, 害怕的  huge: 庞大的,巨大的  distract: 转移, 使发狂, 分心
整个夏天 我都抑制住想念她的冲动 如果我想到她我会...我会发现我犯了个很大的错误我只能尽力去分散我的注意力
-Rufus: Well you've been running all summer. Maybe it's time you stopped, and you turned around and faced it.
 run: 【逃避】 turn around: 转过来 face: 面对
你已经挣扎了整个夏天 也许你应该停下来转过身去面对它
[Scene: Chuck, Nate and Eric are playing Golf in the garden]
-Eric: So not only did James Schiller not go to Princeton, he also didn't go to Georgetown. In fact, I couldn't find a record of him any of the big schools.
 in fact: 事实上record: 记录,唱片,履历
James Schiller既没有去普林斯顿也没去乔治城 事实上在任意一所知名的学校我都找不到他的纪录 
-Nathaniel: Since when did you become Sherlock Holmes?
 Sherlock Holmes: 福尔摩斯
-Eric: So you think James is...
-Chuck: an untalented Mr. Ripley? If you want enter to the upper class, there's no easier mark than a wronged woman. It's time to call in the big guns.
 untalent: 蠢才  enter: 进入  upper class: 上流社会  call in: 召集,找来  big gun:大人物
蠢才雷普利? (有一部电影名为”天才雷普利”) 如果你想挤进上流社会找到一个合适的女人最关键该找些重要人物登场了
(Chuck giving a call to Mike)
-Chuck: Mike, I need a background check on a James Schiller...
 background: 背景
Mike 我需要你帮我查查James Schiller的背景...
-Eric: He’s got a p.i. on speed dial.
 p.i. 私人调查员的缩写  speed dial: 快速拨号
(Serena coming out of house to Nate)
-Serena: Nate!
-Eric: I know that face. That face is not your friend.
-Serena: My grandmother just informed me you told her I'm gonna be your date to the white party this evening? If thing's really over with Catherine, then why do I still need to be your cover? huh?
 inform: 通知gonna=going to 将要<> cover: 保护, 掩饰
我祖母告诉我你跟她说今晚的白色晚会我是你的舞伴? 如果跟Catherine毫无瓜葛了为什么你还拿我来当掩护? ?
[Scene: Blair and James are hanging out]
-Blair: James...the past six days have been exactly what I needed them to be.
 exactly: 正确地; 严密地
-James: Me, too. And there's something I've...
-Blair: Me first. Sorry. (Massage sent by Chuck)From Chuck: Looks like I'll be seeing you and “Princeton” at the White Party after all...
我先说对不起。(Chuck的信息): 我会在白色晚会期待你和普林斯顿的光临...
-James: Oh, what is it? What did you want to say?
什么? 你刚刚想跟我说什么?
-Blair: I just wanted to ask if you'd like to come to the white party with me tonight.
-James: Sure. That... that'd be great.
... 当然好
[Scene: Nate and Serena are talking]
-Nathaniel: I know I shouldn't have used you again after our conversation this morning.
 use: 运用, 利用
我知道 经过今天早上的谈话后我不该再利用你
-Serena: No, I get it. You have feelings for her. But let's just be honest about why you want to go tonight...you wanna check out the competition.
 wanna: (=want to)仅能用于口语,相当于“want to”或者“want a” check out: 打探
 competition: 比赛,竞争
不 我明白的 我知道你还喜欢她 我只想你诚实地告诉我你今晚要去晚会的原因...你想去打探敌情
-Nathaniel: No. I just... I... I wanna see her and her husband together...Just once.
 wanna: (=want to)仅能用于口语,相当于“want to”或者“want a”
不 我只是... 我... 我只想看看他们夫妻俩在一起...一次就够了
-Serena: Yeah, that's called checking out the competition, which is stupid and potentially dangerous, Nate.
 check out: 打探  competition: 比赛,竞争  stupid: 愚蠢的,笨的  potentially: 潜在地
 dangerous: 危险
恩 这就叫打探敌情 这样做很愚蠢 也很危险 Nate
-Nathaniel: Yeah, you're right.
恩 你说得对
-Serena: But since I've been stupid and dangerous in the past, I... I'm not one to talk, am I? It... it was probably gonna be an uneventful evening anyway. Pick me up at 5: 00.
stupid: 愚蠢的,笨的  dangerous: 危险  gonna<>将要(=going to)
uneventful: 无重大事件的, 平静无事的, 平凡的  pick up:
但是我以前也很愚蠢 也做过危险的事情 我... 我没有资格说你 不是吗? 今晚... 今晚应该是个平静的夜晚 5点来接我
-Narrator: Sometimes the stars align for two old friends to come together. But sometimes they align for two old flames to totally combust.
 align: 使结盟; 使成一行  flame: 火焰, 热情, 火舌  totally: 完全; 整个地
combust: 烧毁的
有时 星星连成一线只为庆祝两个老朋友和好如初但是有时 他们的连合只为了见证旧爱重燃
-Dan: Hey,uh,14 sandpiper lane?
 lane: 小路,小巷,行车道 
-Driver: Yeah, yeah.
是的 是的
-Dan: You go there? All right.
 all right: 好的
你去那儿? 好的
-Narrator: Wonder what the sky holds for S. tonight... Friendship or fireworks?
 wonder: 惊讶, 怀疑; 惊奇, 想知道  friendship: 友谊, 友善firework: 烟火
[Scene: The white party begins; Eric and Jenny get together in that party]
-Jenny: Hey, thanks again for giving me another chance  
 chance: 机会
嘿 谢谢你又给我一次机会   你也很值得.
-Eric: Thanks for being worthy of it. You know we're on probation, right?
 worthy: 有价值的, 值得的  probation: 试用, 鉴定, 见习
你知道我们还在观察期 对吧?
-Jenny: Yeah.
-Laurel: I think you guys all look great. I ju...
你们看起来都棒极了 我...
(Laurel staring at Jenny supried)
-Catherine: Can you excuse me a moment?
-Catherine: (said to Nate) Trying to ruin my marriage?
 ruin: 破产,毁灭
-Nathaniel: (said to Serena) Get me drunk.
 drunk: 喝醉了的
-Serena: Absolutely.
 absolutely: 绝对地,完全地
[Scene: Dan came to find Serena]
-Grandma: Daniel Humphrey. I can honestly say I'm surprised.
Daniel Humphrey说实话 我很吃惊
-Dan: Is... is Serena here? 
... Serena在吗?
-Grandma: No, she's gone ahead to a party that I'm quite late for myself. Uh, could you... Please?
 ahead: 向前地,胜于,...前面  quite: ,十分
她没在 她去参加聚会了 我自己也快迟到了呃 你能帮我... 一下吗?
-Dan: Oh... oh, yeah. Sure. Yeah, if you really want me to. There you go.
哦... 哦 好的 没问题 好吧 如果你真这么想的话 好了
-Grandma: Thank you.
-Dan: Oh, you... you seem, uh...I... I don't know, you seem different.
哦 你... 你看起来... 呃...我... 我说不上来 你感觉不太一样了
-Grandma: Well, certain things are in remission, Mr. Humphrey, Not the least of which is my former attitude. Going through something like I did changes you. You can see things differently. 
 certain: 某几个,某些  remission: 宽恕; 减轻; 豁免; 缓解  attitude: 态度; 看法; 姿势
有些事情是要宽容些的 Humphrey先生不只是我以前的态度看开一些就像我对你态度的转变一样你会看到事情变得不一样了
-Dan: Yeah? Like, uh, like what?
是吗? 就像比如?
-Grandma: Like how the keys to someone else's happiness...are not necessarily the same ones as for your own. Serena thinks she had me fooled this summer, but I know the truth. You are still in her heart.
 happiness: 幸福; 快乐  necessarily: 必然,必定  own: 自己的  fool: 愚人
比如开启别人幸福之门的钥匙不一定能合适你自己 Serena以为她骗得了我 但我知道她的心事 她还想着你呢
-Dan: Are... are you sure I'm at the right house?
你... 你确定我没走错房子吧?
-Grandma: This party that you're about to take me to...It has a very strict dress code.
strict: 严格的; 严谨的  dress: 整理; 穿衣  code: ,密码,法规
[Scene: At the White party]
-James: And all of that is to say what I wanted to talk to you about earlier, is that my feelings for you have deepened, and I...I can't help thinking that what I've done is something so terrible, so inappropriate...
 deepen: 加深; 深化  terrible: 可怕的, 极坏的  inappropriate: 不适当的; 不相称的
我想说的是 我之前本想跟你说 我对你的感情日益强烈我...我忍不住去想我有没有对你太粗暴 太无礼...
-Blair: You are so funny!  
-James: I'm... I'm sorry.
嗯... 什么?
-Blair: I could just listen to you all day.
-James: Did I... did I say something funny? 
我... 我说什么有意思的事了吗?
(Blair kissed James at the face of Chuck)
[Scene: At the other place of this party]
-Jenny: Hi. Vitamin water?
 vitamin: 维他命
-Waiter: What kind would you like?
-Jenny: Uh, rescue please? 
 rescue: 一种饮料的名字】
-Waiter: Okay.
-Laurel: Make that two.
-Waiter: You got it.
-Laurel: So, Ginny...How did you manage to get in, and in that dress? You know, checked at the door, and your name's not on the list, and they said you were someone's plus-one.  But I told them that someone like you couldn't possibly know anyone here.
 manage: 处理,维持,达成  list: 目录,名单  plus-one: 和谁一起 possibly: 可能地, 或者
好的 Ginny...你怎么混进来的还穿着那条裙子? 知道吗邀请的名单上没有你的名字他们说你是跟什么人一起来的不过我告诉他们像你这样的人在这儿不可能认识什么人的
-Jenny: Oh, look. Actually, here's someone I know coming right now.
 actually: 事实上
-Eric: Jenny, this is Tinsley Mortimer, a friend of my mom's. Tinsley, this is my friend Jenny I told you about. And that's Laurel.
Jenny 这是Tinsley Mortimer 我妈妈的一位朋友 Tinsley 这是我之前跟你提到过的朋友Jenny 那是Laurel
-Tinsley: It's so nice to meet you, Jenny.
很高兴见到你 Jenny
-Jenny: It's nice to meet you, too. I have a look book of photos from magazines that I cut out, and you're like all of them. You have amazing taste.
 magazine: 杂志  cut: ; ; ;  amazing: 令人惊异的  taste: 品味
-Tinsley: That is so sweet, thank you. You know, Eric said you are an aspiring designer. Are you wearing one of your own pieces?
 aspiring: 热望, 向往; 怀有大志  designer: 设计师    
过奖了 谢谢 Eric你是位有理想的设计师 你穿的是自己设计的服装吗?
-Jenny: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am.
是啊 事实上 是的
[Scene: Back to Blair and James]
-Blair: Is something wrong?
-James: You've been using me to make that guy jealous.
 jealous: 嫉妒
-Blair: I have not.  
-James: It's no wonder you hate “charade.” It hits too close to home.
 home: 这里寓意是痛处,伤心之处
-Blair: You don't understand. Chuck is an awful person. He does terrible things. He uses people.
 awful: 不舒服的  terrible: 可怕的, 极坏的
你根本不明白 Chuck讨厌死了他干了好多坏事他利用别人
-James: And... You think you're any different? I can't believe I've been so stupid. I bet you don't even like me at all.
 stupid: 愚蠢的,笨的  bet: 打赌
你... 自己不是那样吗? 真不敢相信我那么傻 我打赌你根本就不喜欢我
-Blair: No, not really. I mean...You're kind of boring.
 boring: 无聊
-James: Am I? Or you just too interested in yourself to get to know me? You two deserve each other.
 deserve: 应受, 该得; 应受赏
我无聊? 还是说你只是只关心自己而不想了解我? 你们两个真般配
-Chuck: You really know how to hurt people. I admire you for it. 
 admire: 钦佩,羡慕,赞赏
-Blair: This is all your fault. I would have never needed a James if you hadn't stood me up at the airport in the first place. You made me use him. 
 fault: 过错, 毛病, 故障
都怪你要不是你先把我扔在机场的话我根本就不需要什么James 你让我利用他的
-Chuck: I didn't make you do anything. You were just you. Don't you see that we're the same? Stop trying to fight it.
我没让你做任何事 你就是你 你没看出来我们是一样的吗别不承认了
-Blair: I will fight until my last dying breath, because any semblance to you...is something I would hate about myself.
dying: 垂死的,临终的  breath: 呼吸; 气味  semblance: 类似(外观,假装)
我到死也不会承认的 因为只要和你有一点相像我就会恨死我自己了
(Music rolling)
[Scene: Back to Serena and Nate]
-Serena: Come on. Cheer up, Charlie.
 cheer up: 加油,鼓舞,快活起来
行啦高兴点嘛 Charlie
-Catherine: (said to Nate) What are you still doing here?
-Serena: What did she just say to you?
-Nathaniel: She just asked me what I'm still doing here. 
-Serena: Oh, that's it. She's officially not invited to book club next summer.
 officially: 官方地, 正式地
哦 行啦 下个夏天她不会再收到书友会的正式邀请
-Nathaniel: I don't even know what she was thinking.
-Serena: No, don't feel bad. Look, it's her fault for getting things started in the first place
-Nathaniel: Oh, I know, but it was stupid. I just wish I could make her feel as badly as I feel right now.
 stupid: 愚蠢的,笨的
-Serena: You totally can.
(music: Baby, I... I'm your biggest fan. I'll follow you until you love me. Papa... paparazzi. Baby, there's no other superstar. You know that I'll be)
宝贝... 我对你着迷我会一直追随你直到你爱我Papa... paparazzi. 宝贝再没有其他明星你知道我就是
(Nate and Serena are laughing) Wow.
-Narrator: Spotted, Serena and Nate in a massive display of p.d.a...
 massive: 宏伟的, 宽大的  display: 显示, 炫耀
众目睽睽之下 SerenaNate正在旁若无人的表演...
-Dan: Of course.
-Narrator: And that's exactly what Dan Humphrey is pretty damn angry.
 exactly: 恰好地,正好地  damn: 该死的,可恶的
这也正是Dan Humphrey现在的感受非常生气
-Serena: no, no, Dan, Dan, wait.
不 Dan 等一下
-Dan: No, thank you.
-Serena: No, I...I didn't expect to see you. You... you completely surprised me. I...I...
 expect: 预期, 期待
不 我... 我没想到会见到你 你... 你完全让我吃了一惊 我...我...
-Dan: Well, I have to say you didn't...Nate, huh? I guess even bad history repeats itself.
 repeat: 重演
你是没有...Nate是吗? 我想即使是不好的回忆也会重演
-Serena: No, it... it's not what it looks like.
不 不是你看上去的那样
-Dan: Let me guess... There's an explanation?
 explanation: 解释
让我猜... 你可以解释?
-Serena: Yes. Of course...I was just trying to help him make someone jealous
对 当然了... 我只是在帮他让某人吃醋.  
-Dan: Who?
-Serena: Well, I... I can't say.
那个 我不能说
-Dan: Why not? Oh, well, I'm sure you can't tell me that either.  
为什么? 哦 我想你也不能说那个
-Serena: No, I can't, but that's not the point. 
的确 但这不是重点
-Dan: No, that's exactly the point. It can never just be a simple answer with you.
 exactly: 恰好地,正好地  simple: 简单的
不 这正是重点 你永远不会给我一个简单的回答
It can't just be “I kissed Nate.” It has to be “I... I kissed Nate because someone I can't name needed to see it for a reason I can't explain.” It's the same drama, Different city.
drama: 戏剧,情节
你不会简单承认我吻了Nate”一定要是因为一个不能说的原因我吻了Nate 这个原因我无法解释换汤不换药
(At this time, Girl A and Girl B met Dan accidently)
-Dan: Hi. What are you doing here?
-Girl A: I came with a date that I'm glad I did...
-Girl B: Because since I know her date, the two of us got to meet.
-Girl A: Yeah, and then we got to Talking, and we figured out that the other night at Jeremiah Harris' reading, when you were making out with me...
 make out: 调情
是的然后我们聊着聊着发现前几天在Jeremiah Harris的读书会上那时你和我调情...
-Girl B: You were supposed to be with me.
 suppose: 应该
(The two girls spill the wine to Dan)
-Girl B: Oops.
-Serena: Ahem. No, wait. No, no, let me guess... You can explain?
不 等等 让我猜 你可以解释?
[Scene: lonely Nate stays inside]
-Nathaniel: Catherine. What are you doing?  
Catherine 你干什么?
-Catherine: Why did you kiss Serena?
-Nathaniel: You said we were through.
 through: 寓意是结束,过了的意思
-Catherine: I can't believe that you would try to make me jealous in front of my husband and our friends.
 jealous: 妒忌的
-Nathaniel: Well, did it work? 
那么 有效果么?
-Catherine: Completely.
(They are kissing again)Mmm.
[Scene: Serena tried to wash the dirty thing on Dan’s suit]
-Dan: So I... I... I... I went A little overboard.
 overboard: []过分爱好; 狂热追求
... 我有点过火了
-Serena: A little?  
-Dan: Yeah. It's true, I did. And I hate that I'm even able to say this, But that's, um, that’s not the first time something like that has happened.
I, uh...
I haven't been able to get you Out of my head all summer.
I... I was hoping when I saw you, I would know that we did the right thing, But I don't feel that way. I don't feel that way at all.
我本来希望见到你的时候我会知道我们分手的决定是正确的但我却不觉得 完全不觉得
-Serena: Um...Can we not talk about this right now? Um, right now I just need to make sure My grandfather's suit from The '70s isn't ruined forever... more than it already was by being my grandfather's suit From the '70s.
 suit: 西装
额...现在能不说这个么? 现在我只想确定 我祖父这件70年代的西装还有得救...   恩 虽然作为我祖父70年代的西装 本来就是没有救的事
-Dan: I miss that little laugh of yours.
-Serena: Shh, just...Shh.
-Dan: Okay.
-Narrator: When words get in the way, there's really only one thing left to do.
好吧 当一切尽在不言中的时候 只剩一件事可以表达
-Dan: Let's get out of here. You wanna get out of here? 
 wanna (=want to)仅能用于口语,相当于“want to”或者“want a”
我们离开这里吧 你想离开?
-Serena: Yes. I just have to say goodbye to, Um, a few dozen people first. Um, you want to...  
 dozen: (),十二个
是的 我先得和一些朋友说再见才行 额 你想去...
-Dan: Yeah, I'll... I'll meet you at the beach. I'll wait there.  
是的 我们在海滩见 我在那等你
-Serena: Ok.
(Serena’s grandma is standing behind them for a while)
[Scene: Back to Blair and James]
-Blair: You were right. I used you as a weapon against Chuck. I didn't need you to be interesting, So I didn't listen when you talked. I just needed you to look good... which you do.
 weapon: 武器,兵器  look good: 样子好看,帅气
你说得不错 我利用了你对付Chuck我不需要你变得有趣 所以你说话的时候我也没有认真听 我只需要你帅帅的...你的确很帅
-Chuck: (Chuck’ phone ringing)Just in time. What's the dirt on non-James Schiller?
很及时 在他身上挖出了什么?
-James: I'm afraid we have something in common.
 in common: 共同的,共有的
-Blair: Well, I look good, too.
-James: uh, not just that. Um, it's what I was trying to tell you earlier. I haven't been honest with you.
-Blair: Okay, spill it.
 spill: 溢出, 涌出
-James:  I don't go to Georgetown or Princeton or any school for that matter. I'm afraid I slipped up on that detail. My name...is actually Marcus Beaton. I'm British...and a lord.
 slip: 滑动; 失足  actually: 实际上  lord: 贵族; 领主
我并不上GeorgetownPrinceton或者任何贵族学校我给你的信息都是错的我的真实姓名...Marcus Beaton 我是英国人...还是个爵士
-Blair: What? Well, why didn't you tell me before?
什么? 你为什么之前不告诉我?
-James: Well, most women I meet only like me for my title. I vowed the next time to pretend to be a common American and see what happened. But after a couple of days with you, I was afraid if I told you the truth, You'd hate me for lying in the first place.
 title: 头衔  vow: 誓约 pretend: 假装,伪称  common: 平常的,普通的  in the first place: 起初,首先
大多数女人都因为我的头衔而喜欢我 所以我发誓以后只假装成普通的美国人看看会发生什么但是和你在一起几天后 我怕要是告诉你真相的话 你会恨我欺骗了你
-Blair: No, not quite, my lord. Um, the title is great and all, but what I'd like more than anything is a little honesty for a change... from both of us.
 title: 头衔
不完全是 阁下 头衔的确很好 但我更希望的以后我们彼此能坦诚相待
-James: When you told me I was boring before, no one ever tells me things like that. I liked it. Tell me...Oh, what else do you think about me?
前面你说我很无聊 从没有人这么告诉过我我喜欢这样 告诉我...你还认为我怎么样?
-Blair: Keep talking in that accent and I'll come up with something.
 accent: 口音
继续保持你的口音 我会再发现点什么的
[Scene: Back to Jenny, Eric and Laurel]
-Laurel: So...I hear Tinsley offered to help you find an internship if you want one.
 offer: 提议 internship: 实习生身份
-Jenny: Yeah, she did. I said thanks, but I'm actually learning a lot where I am right now I didn't think it was right to leave just yet.
 actually: 实际上
是的 她答应了 我谢过了 但事实上在这儿我一样学到很多东西我不认为现在离开是合适的
-Laurel: Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend... Jenny. I'll see you Monday?
 enjoy: 享受
那好好享受你的周末吧... Jenny 周一再见了?
-Jenny: I look forward to it.
 look forward to: 期待
-Eric: Do you think she meant any of that?
-Jenny: No, probably not, but at least she knows my name now, right?
 probably: 大概, 或许  at least: 至少
[Scene: Blair and Chuck are having conversation]
-Blair: Chuck. Aren't you done trying to destroy my night?
 destroy: 破坏; 消灭; 毁坏
Chuck 今天晚上还没整够我吗?
-Chuck: Look, I should never have abandoned you. I knew I made the wrong decision as soon as your plan took off. I distracted myself all summer, hoping I wouldn't feel it, but I still do.
 abandon: 遗弃, 抛弃  decision: 决定,决心  distract: 转移,分心
-Blair: And?
-Chuck: I was scared...Scared that if we spent the whole summer together, Just us...You'd see...
 scared: 恐惧的
我很害怕... 害怕如果我们要共度整个盛夏就我们俩...你会了解...
-Blair: See what?
-Chuck: Me. Please don't leave with him.
-Blair: Why? Give me a reason, and “I'm Chuck Bass” doesn't count.
 count: 计数; 总计
为什么?给我一个理由我是Chuck Bass”这个理由不算
-Chuck: Because you don't want to.
-Blair: Not good enough.
-Chuck: 'Cause I don't want you to.  
-Blair: That's not enough.
-Chuck: What else is there?
-Blair: The true reason I should stay right where I am and not get in the car. Three words. Eight letters. Say it, and I'm yours.
真正的理由 让我留在这里不上那辆车 三个单词八个字母 说出口 我就是你的
-Chuck: I...I...
-Blair: Thank you. That's all I needed to hear.
谢谢 这已经够了
(Blair leaving with James)
-Narrator: They say summer love is fleeting, but sometimes, what starts as a fling can lead to the real thing.
 fleeting: 转瞬间的; 短暂的  fling: ,猛冲,嘲笑  lead to: 带来
都说盛夏之恋转瞬即逝 但有时 恣意乐行的开始却能带来真正的结果
(music)# I fell in love without you #
# 我深陷爱中却寻不到你 #
-Narrator: A simple trip to the beach could be all it takes to clear our heads and open our hearts and write a new ending to an old story.
 simple: 普通的
一次普通的海滩旅行也许会让你清醒大脑 敞开心扉为老故事书写一个新的结局
(music)# Every aching wound will cauterize andndruise
In memory of what we used to call “in love” #
-Narrator: There are those who got burned by the heat. They just want to forget and start over...
 heat: 热,热度 burn: 烧毁,灼伤
曾被我们成为“恋爱”的回忆里 他们所希望的就是遗忘 再重头来过...
(music)#and only time will tell
if violins swell
in memory of what we used to call “in love”. #
只剩时间来陈述 如果小提琴依旧悠扬 曾被我们成为”恋爱”的回忆里
-Narrator: While there are others who want each moment to last forever.
当然 也有一些人希望每一刻都是永恒
 But everyone can agree on one thing...tans fade, highlights dark, and we all get sick of sand in our shoes. But the end of summer is the beginning of a new season, so we find ourselves looking to the future.
tans fade: 夜幕的光线渐渐退去highlights dark: 霓虹灯消逝get sick of: 厌烦
但有一件事大家都会认同...夜幕褪去 华灯消逝 我们会为鞋里的沙子烦心 但是夏日的结束意味着新的季节的到来 所以我们看到自己总在不断眺望未来
(music)#Every aching wowod
will cauterizizand bruise.#
-Narrator: You ain't seen nothing yet. x.o.x.o., gossip girl.
 ain't: (=are not, am not)
精彩的才刚刚开始 x.o.x.o.绯闻少女
 词汇解析:Chris Yong 校对:Lavinia       
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heat up: 打得火热
look forward to: 期待
be willing to: 乐于
sweep off: 清扫,吹走
get over: 克服; 把...忘怀; 从中恢复过来
upper class: 上流社会
call in: 召集,找来
big gun: 大人物
cheer up: 加油,鼓舞,快活起来
in common: 共同的,共有的
in the first place: 起初,首先
get sick of: 厌烦
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