117. The One with Two Parts, Part 2
[Scene: An Emergency Room, Rachel and Monica enter. Rachel is limping and leaning on Monica for support.]
emergency: 紧急情况 limp: 跛行 lean: 倚靠 support: 支撑
-Rachel: Ow ow ow. Ow ow ow ow. Ow ow ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
(They reach the desk. The bored nurse thinks she's heard it all before.)
 bored:无聊的 nurse:护士
-Monica: Hi. Uh, my friend here was taking down our Christmas lights, and and she fell off the balcony and may have broken her foot or or ankle or something.
take down:取下来   Christmas:圣诞节 balcony:阳台 brokebreak1的过去式 扭断 ankle:脚踝
-Nurse: My god. You still have your Christmas lights up?
 still: 仍然
(Rachel glares at the nurse, who gives Monica a form attached to a clipboard.)
 glare: 瞪视 attach to:依附 clipboard: ](带有夹紧纸张装置的)写字夹板
-Nurse: Fill this out and bring it back to me.
fill out: 填写
(Monica helps Rachel over to a vacant seat.)
 vacant: 空的
-Rachel: Ow ow ow. Ow ow ow. Ow ow ow.
(Monica starts on the form, while Rachel catches her breath and massages her ankle.)
catch one's breath: 喘口气,松一口气 massage: 按摩
-Monica: Okay, ooh, alright. Name, address... Are you currently on any medication?
address: 住址 currently:目前 medication:药物治疗 emergency: 突发事件
好的。哦, 姓名,地址。你现在使用任何药物治疗
-Rachel: No, oh ,wait.Yes ,Blistex.
-Monica: No, in case of emergency call?
-Rachel: You.
-Monica: Really?
-Rachel: Yeah.
-Monica: Oh, that is so sweet. (Touched, she puts an arm around her friend and kisses her.) Oh gosh, love you. Insurance?
touched:感动的 kiss:  gosh: 表示惊讶等的感叹词 insurance: 保险
你真好, 天啊我爱你,保险
-Rachel: Oh, yeah, check it. Definitely, I want some of that.
 check:检查; 打勾 definitely: 当然
-Monica: (No longer touched) you don't have insurance?
-Rachel: Why, how much is this gonna cost?
cost: 花费
-Monica: I have no idea, but X-rays alone could be a couple hundred dollars.
X-rayX射线  alone: 单独的 couple: ();几() hundred:  dollar:美元
-Rachel: Wel-wel-well what are we gonna do?
-Monica: Well there's not much we can do.
-Rachel: (Like a big baby) Um... unless, unless I use yours.
 unless: 除非
-Monica: Hah, no no no no no no no no no no.
-Rachel: (Tapping the clipboard) well, now, wait a second, who did I just put as my "In case of emergency" person?
tap:轻拍   clipboard: (带有夹紧纸张装置的)写字夹板 emergency:紧急情况
-Monica: (Looking around to check that no-one's listening, then lowering her voice anyway) That's insurance fraud.
lower: 降低 insurance fraud:保险诈骗 fraud: 欺骗
-Rachel: Well, alright, then, forget it. (Getting up to go) Might as well just go home. Ow ow ow ow!
forget: 忘记 might as well: 倒不如
-Monica: (Jumping up to make Rachel sit down) Okay, okay. I hate this
jump: (从座位上)一下子站起 hate: ,厌恶
-Rachel: Thank you. Thank you. I love you.
-Monica: (to the nurse) Hi, (tiny laugh) um, I'm gonna need a new set of (tiny laugh) these forms (tiny laugh).
tiny: 微小的 laugh:    a set of: 一组 form: 表格
-Nurse: Why?
-Monica: (Tiny laugh) I am really an idiot. (Tiny laugh) you see, I was filling out my friend's form, and instead of putting her information, (tiny laugh) I put mine.
idiot: 白痴 fill: 填充 instead of: 代替;而不是 information: 信息 mine: 我的
-Nurse: You are an idiot. (She hands over a blank form).
hand over: 交出 blank: 空白的
-Monica: (Tiny laugh) yep, that's me, (tiny laugh) I am that stupid (tiny laugh).
stupid: 愚蠢的
没错?这就是我, 我真是个笨蛋
[Scene: Central Perk, Chandler, has split up his newspaper so Joey can look at the funnies, while Ross's inappropriate joke at Lamaze class has come back to haunt him.]
split up: (使)分开,(使)分裂 funnies:报上登载连环图画的版面 funny: [美国英语](报刊上)滑稽连环画的 inappropriate: 不合适的 haunt: 萦绕在心中;缠扰,使苦恼
-Ross: I had a dream last night where I was playing football with my kid.
 dream:梦 football:足球 kid: 小孩
-Chandler and Joey: That's nice.
-Ross: No, no, with him. (He mimes holding the baby like a football.) I'm on this field, and they, they hike me the baby...
mime: 模仿,以哑剧的形式表 field: 场地 hike:裆下开球  
不?是用他打, 我在球场上,他们叫我以儿子做裆下开球。
And I, I know I've gotta do something because the Tampa Bay defence is coming right at me.
defence: 防守
 我知道我得做点什么,Tampa Bay的防守球员正在逐渐逼近。
-Joey: Tampa Bay's got a terrible team.
 terrible: 糟糕的 team:
Tampa Bay可是很烂啊
-Ross: Right, but, it is just me and the baby, so I'm thinking they can take us. And so I uh, hah-hah, I just heave it down field.
没错?但只有我和我儿子, 所以我想他们很可能要找我们的麻烦, 所以我只好传球。
-Chandler: What are you crazy? That's a baby!
-Joey: He should take the sack?
take the sack: 擒抱】 sack: 大麻袋
-Ross: Anyway, suddenly I'm down field, and I realise that I'm the one who's supposed to catch him, right?
suddenly:突然地 realise:意识到 be supposed to: 应该 
不管怎样突然间我已到了场边了, 我发觉我就是那个该接球的人, 对吧
Only I know there is no way I'm gonna get there in time, so I am running, and running, and that, that is when I woke up.
in time:及时 wake upwake up 的过去时醒来
但我绝对来不及, 于是我跑啊跑, 于是我就醒过来了。
See I, I am so not ready to be a father.
-Chandler: Hey, you're gonna be fine. You're one of the most caring, most responsible men in North America. You're gonna make a great dad.
caring: 关怀的 responsible: 负责的 North America:北美洲
你没问题的, 你是全北美最细心、最有责任感的男人, 你将来一定是个好爸爸的。
-Joey: Yeah, Ross. You and the baby just need better blocking.
 better:更好的 blocking:阻碍
(Feeling a little better, Ross fetches more coffee.)
 fetch: 取来
-Joey: Oh, have either one of you guys ever been to the Rainbow Room? Is it real expensive?
either(两者之中)任一的 guy:家伙 Rainbow Room: 彩虹厅(这是纽约洛克斐勒中心通用电器大楼顶楼的高级餐厅) rainbow:彩虹 expensive: 昂贵的
-Chandler: Well, only if you order stuff.
only if: 只有当 order: 点菜 stuff:材料,东西
-Joey: I'm taking Ursula tonight. It's her birthday.
tonight:今晚 birthday:生日 
我要带 Ursula去那里今天是她生日。
-Ross: Wo-wo-whoa. What about Phoebe's birthday?
-Joey: When's that?
-Ross: Tonight.
-Joey: Oh, man. What're the odds of that happening?
odds: 可能性 happen:发生
(Joey begins to contemplate his ill fortune.)
contemplate: 思量,仔细考虑 ill fortune: 坏运气
-Ross: You take your time.
(Joey looks at his friends, thinks a bit more, then realises.)
-Chandler: There it is! So what're you gonna do?
-Joey: What can I do? Look, I don't want to do anything to screw it up with Ursula.
screw up: []弄糟,损坏】 screw:旋,拧
-Chandler: And your friend Phoebe?
-Joey: Well, if she's my friend, hopefully she'll understand. I mean, wouldn't you guys?
hopefully: 有希望地 understand: 理解
-Chandler: Man, if you tried something like that on my birthday, you'd be staring at the business end of a hissy fit.
the business end=the receving end承受方,受害人,受气包】
have a hissy fit: 因为一些小事而发飙生气】 hissy: 嘘声的 fit: 突发的感情
兄弟如果你敢在我的生日那天做这事儿, 我就让你好看
(Joey gestures to show that he wouldn't dare.)
 gesture:手势;姿势;表情 dare:敢于,胆敢
[Scene: The Hospital, Monica and Rachel are waiting for the doctors to arrive. They enter and are played by Noah Wyle and George Clooney.]
-Dr. Mitchell: ..you add a pinch of saffron, it makes all the difference .
pinch: 一撮,少量   saffron: 番红花
(They approach the young ladies. Dr. Mitchell consults Ms.Geller's admissions form .)
 approach:靠近,接近 consult: 咨询 admission: 许可,
-Dr. Mitchell: Okay, errrr, Monica?
-Monica: Yes? (jumping as Rachel punches her arm) ..yes, she is.
 punch: 用拳猛击
-Rachel (as Monica): Hi, this is my friend Rachel.
-Monica (as Rachel): Hi.
-Dr. Mitchell: (Smiling) Hi, err Rachel. I'm Dr.Mitchell.
 Rachel我是Mitchell 大夫。
-Dr. Rosen: (Smiling even more and attempting to take over) And I'm his friend Dr. Rosen .
attempt: 试图 take over:接管
-Dr. Mitchell: I’m okay here .
-Dr. Rosen: Actually,that’s right ,you can take your break.
 actually:实际上 break:休息
-Dr. Mitchell: No,no, this is why I become a doctor .Ankles and stuff like that .
(Monica and Rachel smile back prettily.)
-Rachel: Aren't you a little cute to be a doctor?
 cute: 可爱的
-Dr. Rosen: Excuse me?
-Rachel: I meant er, (struggling to concentrate) young, young, I meant young, young to be a doctor. Oh good, Rach.
 struggle: 挣扎 concentrate: 集中,专心
-Monica (as Rachel): Thank you.
-Rachel (as Monica): Right.
[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, everyone but Joey is waiting for Phoebe to arrive for her surprise birthday party. Rachel and Monica is telling Chandler about Rachel's incident.]
 arrive: 到达 surprise: 令人惊奇的 incident: 发生的事
-Rachel: ..so, he said it was just a sprain, and that was it.
sprain: 扭伤
-Monica: Uh, you left out the stupid part.
left out: leave out的过去时遗漏,省去 stupid: 愚蠢的 part: 一部分
-Rachel: It’s not stupid. The very cute, cute, cute doctors asked us out for tomorrow night, and I said "yes."
才不蠢呢, 这位两位帅哥大夫约我们明晚出去, 而且我答应了。
-Monica: I think it's totally insane, I mean, they work for the hospital. It's like returning to the scene of the crime.
insane: 疯狂的   return: 返回 the scene of the crime: 犯罪现场 scene: 场景 crime:犯罪 
You know, I say we blow off the dates.
blow off:取消 date:约会 
-Rachel: What? Monica, they are cute, they are doctors, (spelling it out in the air for her slow friend) cute doctors, doctors who are cute!
spell out: (某单词)的字母全部拼写出来 
-Chandler: Alright, what have we learned so far?
 so far: 到目前为止
(There is a knock at the door. Someone turns the music off, then the whole party runs and hides, except for Monica and Rachel who answer their door. Ross stands in the doorway, holding a box, but everyone is too keyed up to notice that it's him.)
answer: 回应 hide:藏 doorway: 门口 key up:激动】 notice:注意
-Monica: Oh.God.Okay.
-The Whole Party: (Jumping up) SURPRISE!!!
(Ross is so startled that he throws his arms up to defend himself. The box takes off , then lands with a squishy thud, its contents oozing out onto the floor. Ross is not pleased.)
startle:惊恐 throw:扔 defend:防护 take off起飞 land:降落 squishy:粘糊糊的thud砰击声  content: [通常用复数]容纳的东西,内藏物 ooze:流出 pleased: 高兴的  
-Ross: What the hell are you doing? You scared the crap out of me.
what the hell: 究竟,到底 scare: 惊吓 crap:
-Rachel: Was that the cake?
-Ross: Yeah, yeah. I got a lemon schmush
lemon: 柠檬 schmush= schmutz 垃圾】 
-Monica: Come on, she'll be here any minute.
, 她随时会到
(The whole party gathers round as Ross puts the box on the coffee table.)
gather: 聚集
-Rachel: I hope it's okay.
(As Ross opens the lid, everybody looks at the mess inside.)
lid: 盖子 mess: 乱七八糟
-Chandler: (Reading) "Happy Birthday Peehee."Phoebe to Peehee
-Monica: Well maybe we can make a, a, a 'B' out of one of those roses.
make…out of…:用制造... rose: 玫瑰花
(Phoebe quietly wanders in, to join the tableau.)
quietly:安静地 wander: 游荡;漫步(走向目的地) tableau:动人的场面
-Ross: (Still annoyed) Yeah, we'll just use our special cake tools.
 annoyed: 生气的 special: 专门的 tool:工具
-Phoebe: Hey, what's going on?
-Ross: Oh, we just...
-Phoebe's Friends: (Finally noticing the guest of honour) Surprise!
 guest of honour: 主宾 honour:荣誉,光荣
-Phoebe: (Delighted) oh, oh, oh! This is so great! Oh my god! This was not at all scary.
delighted:兴高采烈的 scary:害怕的
Look! “Happy Birthday Peehee’. What a strange new nickname. I like it!Oh my god!
Hi everybody. Hi Betty! Betty, Hi! (Thrilled ) You found Betty! Oh my god!
大家好 Betty Betty 嗨!你找来了 Betty天啊
This is great. (Hugging people) Everybody I love is in the same room, (still happy) Where's Joey? hug:拥抱
(The party falls flat. Chandler tries to think of a witticism, but even he can't help...)
flat:平的;一成不变的,无生气的 witticism:妙语,俏皮话
-Chandler: Did you see Betty?
(Betty waggles her fingers to say "Hi", but Phoebe feels her birthday has been ruined by her twin.)
waggle:摆动 ruin:毁坏,破坏
[Scene: A Restaurant, Ross is having lunch with his father who is examining his next forkful.]
examine his next forkful: 打量他下一叉要吃的东西】 forkful:一刀叉的量
-Mr. Geller: I tell you one thing, I wouldn't mind having a piece of this sun-dried tomato business.
mind: 介意 sun-dried:晒干的 prune:梅干,李干 business: 生意
Five years ago, if somebody had said to me, here's a tomato that looks like a prune , I'd say "get out of my office!"
-Ross: Dad, before I was born, did you freak out at all?
freak out: 紧张 freak: 古怪的,奇特的;反常的
-Mr. Geller: I'm not freaking out, I'm just saying, if somebody had come to me with the idea ……
 idea: 主意,想法
-Ross: Dad, dad, dad, I'm talking about the whole uh, baby thing.
Did you uh, ever get this sort of... panicky , "Oh my god I'm gonna be a father" kind of a thing?
sort: 种,种类 panicky: 恐慌的
-Mr. Geller: No. We just had kids back then.We didn’t think about it. What else could the sun dry, I wonder?
 then: 当时;那时 else: 别的 wonder: 想知道
-Ross: Dad,come on.Kids.
 kid: 孩子
-Mr. Geller: Look. Your mother really did the work. I was busy with the business. I
wasn't around that much. Is that what this is about?
都是你妈在处理,我在忙着生意上的事情。我并没有太多时间,你找我来是为了这个?-Ross: No, no, Dad, I was just wondering.
-Mr. Geller: Because there's time to make up for that. We can do stuff together.
make up: 补偿 
You always wanted to go to that Colonial Williamsburg. How about we do that?
 Colonial Williamsburg: 威廉斯堡殖民地
你一直想去Colonial Williamsburg, 我们去怎么样
-Ross: Thanks, Dad, really, I ju... you know, I just, I just needed to know, um... when did you start to feel like a father?
谢谢,爸爸。我只是想知道, 你何时感觉自己像个父亲?
-Mr. Geller: Oh, well, I, I guess it must have been the day after you were born.
ugly: 难看的 grab: 抓住 fist: 拳头 squeeze: 抓紧
We were in the hospital room, your mother was asleep, and they brought you in and gave you to me.
hospital: 医院 asleep: 睡着的,睡熟的 brought: bring的过去式和过去分词拿来,带来
You were this ugly little red thing, and all of a sudden you grabbed my finger with your whole fist.
ugly: 丑陋的,难看的 all of a sudden: 突然间 grab: 抓握 finger: 手指 fist: 拳头
你当时又丑又红又小, 你突然用拳头紧抓住我的手指。
And you squeezed it, so tight. And that's when I knew.
squeeze: 紧握
紧紧捏住我的手指, 那时候我才感觉到。
(Ross is so moved by his father's charming story, that he stops eating.)
moved: 打动,使受感动 charming: 迷人的
-Mr. Geller: So you don't wanna go to Williamsburg?
-Ross: No, we can go to Williamsburg.
-Mr. Geller: Eat your fish.
[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Monica is just getting off of the intercom and turns off the TV which is still in the SAP mode.]
get off: (使)离开;(使)动身 intercom: 对讲机 mode: 状态,状况
-Monica: Rachel, the cute doctors are here.
 cute: 可爱的
-Rachel: (entering from her room) Okay, coming!
(Monica opens the door for Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Geoffrey.)
-Monica: Hi, come on in.
-Dr. Mitchell: Hey.
-Monica: Hi, Geoffrey
-Rachel: Hi.
-Dr. Rosen: Ah here, we brought wine.
 wine: ,葡萄酒
-Dr. Mitchell: Look at this, it's from the cellars of Ernest and Tova Borgnine, so how could we resist?
cellar:酒窖 resist:忍住
这是来自 Ernest and Tova Borgnine酒窖,我们能受得了这样的诱惑
-Rachel: Oh, that's great. Look at that.
-Dr. Rosen: So, Monica, how's the ankle?
-Monica: It's uh...
(Rachel discreetly coughs to warn her.)
discreetly: 谨慎小心地 cough: 咳嗽 warn: 警告
-Monica (as Rachel): ..well, why don't you tell them? After all it, is your ankle.
 after all: 毕竟
-Rachel (as Monica): You know what, it's feeling a lot better, thank you, um...
Well,listen, why don't you two sit down and, and we'll get you some glasses... okay.
(They don't know what to do with their coats and Monica points to the living room)
do with: 处置 point to: 指向 living room: 起居室;客厅
(Rachel joins Monica who is in the kitchen area, opening the wine bottle. Rachel checks that the doctors aren't listening, then lowers her voice anyway.)
join: 加入 kitchen:厨房 area: 地区,区域 check : 检查 lower:降低
-Rachel: Okay, listen, I'm thinking, why don't we just tell them who we really are?
I mean, it'll be fine, I really think it'll be fine.
-Monica: It will not be fine. We'll get in trouble.
-Rachel: Oh, Monica! Would you stop being such a wuss?
wuss: []胆小鬼
-Monica: A wuss? Excuse me for living in the real world, okay?
(Back at the couch, Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Rosen have concerns of their own.)
 couch: 长椅 concern: 关切的事 of one's own: 属于自己的
-Dr. Mitchell: So?
-Dr. Rosen: So... they sss-still seem normal.
seem: 似乎 normal:正常的
-Dr. Mitchell: That's because they are.
-Dr. Rosen: (Nervously) okay, but you have to admit that every time we go out. Women we meet at the hospital... It turns into...
nervously: 神经质地 admit: 承认 turn into: (使)成为,(使)变为
但你得承认, 每次我们和女病患约会都
-Dr. Mitchell: Relax. Look around. No pagan altars, no piles of bones in the corners, they're fine.
 relax: 放松 pagan: 异教徒的 altar: 圣坛,祭坛 pile:  bone: ,骨骼 corner: 角落,转角
(Baring his teeth to clean them with his finger) Go like this. (Dr. Rosen obeys.)
bare: 显露 teeth: 牙齿 obey: 服从,听从
(Meanwhile, back at the sink.)
meanwhile: 同时 sink: 水槽
-Monica: I said we are not going to do it, okay? Sometimes you can be such a, a big baby.
sometimes: 有时 such: 如此的,这样的
-Rachel: (Resenting the truth) I am not a baby! You know what? I swear to god, just because you get so uptight every time we...
resent: 不满;憎恶 swear: 发誓 uptight: 紧张的
-Monica: Sure, every time, you're such a princess.
-Rachel: You know what?
-Monica: What?
-Rachel: You know what?
-Monica: What!?
-Rachel: You know what?
-Monica: (getting angry) What!!?
-Rachel: Every day, you are becoming more and more like your mother.
(Rachel brightly limps back across the apartment with glasses of wine for the cute doctors, leaving an open-mouthed Monica in her wake.)
limp: 跛行 open-mouthed: 目瞪口呆的,吃惊的
-Rachel: Hello! Here we go!
-Dr. Rosen: This is a great place. How long have you lived here?
这地方真不错 , 你住在这儿多久了
-Rachel: (as Monica) Thanks! I've been here about six years, and Rachel moved in a few months ago.
谢谢,我住在这儿六年了, Rachel几个月前才搬来。
-Monica: (as Rachel) Yeah... (joining the others) ..see, I was supposed to get married, but, um, I left the guy at the altar.
be supposed to: 应该 altar: (教堂内的)圣坛
我本来应该结婚的, 但我把我的未婚夫抛弃在圣坛了。
(Rachel tries to hide her alarm, but she squirms in her chair.)
hide: 掩盖 alarm: 惊恐,惊慌 squirm: 局促不安
-Dr. Mitchell: Really?
-Monica: (as Rachel) Yeah... Yeah, I know it's pretty selfish, but haha, hey, that's me. (Indicating a dish on the table) Why don't you try the hummus ?
pretty: 相当地 selfish: 自私的 indicate: 指示   hummus: 鹰嘴豆沙
-Dr. Rosen: So, Monica, what do you do?
Monica, 你从事什么工作
-Rachel: (as Monica) Aahh, I'm a... chef at a restaurant uptown .
chef:厨师 restaurant: 饭店 uptown: 住宅区.
-Dr. Rosen: Good for you.
-Rachel: (as Monica) Yeah it is, mostly because I get to boss people around, which I just love to do.
mostly: 主要地 boss sb around: 指挥别人,使别人团团转】 boss: 指挥,控制
没错, 因为我喜欢指使别人。
-Dr. Rosen: This hummus is great.
-Dr. Mitchell: God bless the chickpea .
bless: 保佑 chickpea: 鹰嘴豆
-Monica: (as Rachel) (Suddenly laughing) Oh, god, I am so spoiled.That's it!
spoiled: 宠坏的
(The doctors don't know what to make of all this.)
make of: 对待
-Rachel: (as Monica) I shoplift
 shoplift: 装作顾客在商店偷窃(货物)
-Monica: (as Rachel)That was years ago, you had no idea that lipsticks was in your pocket. Did I tell you that I am so much cuter than I am ?
idea: 主意,想法 lipstick: 唇膏 cuter: cute的变形可爱的
-Rachel: (as Monica)And by the way, have I mentioned that back in high school, I was a cow ?
mention:提到 cow:母牛
-Monica: (as Rachel) I used to wet my bed.
used to: 过去常常 wet bed: 尿床】
-Rachel: (as Monica) I use my breasts to get other people's attention.
breast: 胸脯,乳房 attention: 注意
-Monica: (as Rachel) (Revealing her anger to point at her best friend) We both do that!
reveal: 透露出 both: 两者都
(Rachel lets her anger show too. Hideously embarrassed, the doctors drain their glasses in the vicious pause which follows.
hideously: 讨厌地;可怕的 embarrassed: 尴尬的drain sth in: =down sth: 喝干】 vicious:恶意的 pause: 暂停,停顿 
The telephone rings, but the girls just glower at each other, silently daring the other to move first. Finally both guys jump up, and Michael wins.)
ring: (钟、铃等)鸣;响 glower:怒目而视 silently: 寂静地 dare:激() move: 行动
-Dr. Mitchell: (on the phone) Monica and Rachel's apartment. Err yeh, aayah, yeh, just one second... (handing it to Monica) ..ah, Rachel, it's your dad.
Monica and Rachel的公寓, 等等Rachel,是你爸。
-Monica: (as Rachel) Hi, Dad. No, no, it's me. (Getting up to move further away from Rachel)
 further: 更远的
li-listen, Dad, I can't talk right now, um, but there's something, um... there's something that I've been meaning to tell you...
right now: 马上,立刻
我现在没空, 但有些话我一直想告诉你。
(Monica glares triumphantly across the room, scaring Rachel who also stands up.)
glare:怒视 triumphant: 胜利的 scare: 惊吓
-Rachel: Would you excuse me for a second?
 for a second: 一会儿
-Monica: (as Rachel) Remember back in freshman year? (Talking fast before Rachel can catch her) Well, Billy Dreskin and I had sex on your bed.
freshman: 大学一年级 sex: 性,性行为
记得我大一的时候吗我和Billy Dreskin 在你床上做爱。
(Completely undone by Monica's verbal destruction, Rachel almost loses her balance as she staggers backwards, eyes agog, gasping for breath, and literally not knowing which way to turn.
 completely:  完全地 undone: 诋毁 verbal: 口头的 destruction:破坏,毁灭 agog:兴奋的gasp:喘气 literally:实在地,简直
Finally, she escapes into the bathroom while a resigned Dr. Mitchell looks philosophically at Dr. Rosen who seems about remind him of the good old days at the pagan altar.
escape: 摆脱,挣脱 bathroom: 浴室,盥洗室 resigned:听天由命的 philosophically:有理性的 remind sb of:使某人回忆起)
[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, the next morning, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica sit round the coffee table, playing Scrabble.
 scrabble: 一种拼字游戏
Rachel, still in her dressing gown, is pleading on the phone, her free hand shaking with agitation.
gown:睡衣 plead: 辩护,申辩 agitation: 激动]
-Rachel: (on phone) Daddy... Daddy... Daddy, why whyyy would I sleep with Billy Dreskin? His father tried to put you out of business!
out of business: 倒闭破产
我干嘛和Billy Dreskin 上床他爸想害你倒闭
(Rachel turns to Monica, clasping the receiver to her bosom so Dr.Green can't hear, while mouthing "You are...") ...dead!
clasp: 扣紧 receiver: 听筒 bosom: 胸部 mouth:以嘴唇的动作不做声地说出
-Monica: Hi, Rachel, are these your condoms?
-Rachel: Oh ,no ,that was just Monica ,she is drunk again .
 drunk: 喝醉了的
 哦,不, 那是Monica,她又喝醉了。
-Ross:Phoebe , I don’t think “scrunchy” is a word .
 我不认为“scrunchy” 是一个词。
-Phoebe:Why not , if crunchy is a word,why scrunchy?
 为什么不是,如果crunchy 是一个单词,为什么 scrunchy不是呢?
-Chandler:Okay ,then I am using that same argument for “fligament”
好吧,那么说“fligament” 也是一个单词了?
(Monica smiles a sweet apology of regret, until she's distracted by Marcel as he clambers all over her nice furniture.)
apology: 道歉 regret: 遗憾,后悔 distracted: 心烦意乱的 clamber: 爬上,攀登 furniture:家具
-Monica: Ross, he's got the remote again.
Ross, 他又拿遥控器了。
-Ross: Good. Maybe he can switch it back.
switch: 切换
(Marcel changes channel to Bugs Bunny, who is speaking in Spanish.)
channel: 频道 Spanish:西班牙语
-Ross: Maybe not.
-Rachel: Okay ,Daddy? That’s the other line .Okay,no not even in my bedroom. Okay,okay, bye-bye.
(Meanwhile, Rachel has taken another call, from a nurse she'd hoped never to hear from again.)
 nurse: 护士
-Rachel: Hello? (Listens) Um, yeah, uh, (snapping her fingers at Ross who takes remote from Marcel, then turns off the TV)
snap fingers:捻拇指 snap:啪地移动 
Okay ah, hold on a second, let me let me just check and see if see if she's here.
hold on: 等等
(All animosity forgotten, Rachel holds the receiver out as she limps quickly over to her friend, who stands up in concern.)
animosity: 仇恨,憎恨 stand up: 站着 concern: 关心
-Rachel: It's the woman from the hospital admissions office. She says there's a problem with the form. Oh, god, oh god...
admission: 许可 problem: 问题 form: 表格
是医院那个女人打来的, 她说表格有问题.天啊。
-Rachel: Oh God, oh,God. What do we do, what do we do, what do we do?
-Monica: Oh God,I don't know! Find out what they want! Find out what they want!
-Rachel: Okay (desperately hands the receiver over) no, you do it.
 desperately: 绝望地
-Monica: (taking the phone) Hello, this is Monica. Yeah??? Oh... (Smiles at Rachel to reassure her)
reassure: 打消……疑虑
你好我是 Monica
Okay, yes, we'll be right, we'll be right down.(Listens) Thank you. (Hangs up)
-Rachel: What?
-Monica: We forgot to sign one of the admissions forms.
sign: 签字
-Rachel: Ohhh... (slumping in relief) Okay, you were right. You were right! This was just not worth it.
slump: 消沉 in relief: (痛苦、焦虑等的)减轻 worth:值得
-Monica: Thank you.
-Rachel: Okay, let me just change
-Monica: Yes.
-Ross: “Garge” ? Nautical time
-Chandler: Cheating man .
 cheat: 欺骗,作弊
-Ross: Okay.
(Rachel goes to her room.)
-Joey: (entering quietly) Hey.
-Ross and Chandler: Hey!
-Monica: Hi.
-ChandlerShe still didn’t call
-Joey: No.
-Phoebe: Trouble?
 trouble: 麻烦,困难
-Joey: Your sister stood me up the other night.
 stood: stand的过去时 stand up: [口语]失约,让人(尤指异性)空等
-Phoebe: Oh, no. Don't you hate it when people aren't there for you?
-Ross:What is that ?
-Monica: tushy.
-Ross: Well did you try calling her?
-Joey: I've been trying for two days. When I called the restaurant, they said she was too busy to talk. I can't believe she's blowing me off.
restaurant: 餐馆 busy: 忙的 believe: 相信 blow sb off: 甩了某人】
我连打了两天, 打给餐厅时他们说她太忙, 我不敢相信她想甩掉我
(Phoebe wants to be angry with Joey, but as she watches him shaking his head in pain and disbelief, she knows that it isn't his fault.)
disbelief: 不相信 fault:过失
[Scene: Riff's, Phoebe is entering. Ursula returns with two plates of chicken, but she only has time to set one on the table, when...]
-Customer: Excuse me ,we had two chef salad.
 salad: 沙拉
-Ursula: Oh ,and how were they?
-Customer:No ,we haven’t had them yet ,we are still hoping to have them .
-Ursula: Okay
-Phoebe: Hey.
(Ursula turns in surprise.)
-Ursula: Oh!
-Phoebe: Um you, you got a minute.
 minute: 分钟
-Ursula: Um, yeah, I'm just... (waving dismissively at the concept) ..working.
wave: 挥手 dismissively: 毫不在乎地 concept: 概念
(Ursula points out a vacant table, so the twins walk over, side by side, to sit down. Departing customers walk right past the pair.
vacant:空的 depart: 离开 customer:顾客
Sitting at the back, a hungry gentleman looks most annoyed as Ursula sets his meal down in front of her. The girls sit.
 gentleman:男士 annoyed: 使苦恼;使恼怒)                      
-Phoebe: So.
-Ursula: Uh-huh.
(Ursula is genuinely pleased that her sister has visited her, after so many years. Phoebe hesitates over how best to begin.)
 genuinely:真诚地,真地 hesitate: 犹豫
-Phoebe: Um, oh, I got you a birthday present.
(Ursula picks up a fork and begins eating the meat, while Phoebe removes a present from her bag.)
 pick up: 拿起 fork:  remove: 搬开;拿走
-Ursula: Oh, wow! You remembered! (Opening it) Oh! It's a Judy Jetson thermos!
 remember:记得 thermos: 热水瓶
你记得, Judy Jetson热水瓶。
(She laughs at the childhood memory. Phoebe smiles at being able to make her point.)
childhood: 童年 memory:记忆 make one's point:说服别人赞成自己的论点
-Phoebe: Right, like the kind you...
-Ursula: Right.Oh, I got something for you, too.
(Ursula gets up to fetch a box from her bag by the counter.)
fetch: 取来 counter: 柜台
-Phoebe: How'd you know I was coming?
-Ursula: Um, yeah, um, twin thing.
(Ursula puts the box directly into Phoebe's hand. Phoebe brightens.)
-Phoebe: I can't believe you did this.
(Phoebe opens the box, to find something familiar inside.)
-Phoebe: I can't believe you... (holding up Joey's cardigan ) ..did this.
hold up: 举起,抬起 cardigan: 开襟羊毛衫
(Phoebe's smile hardens as she packs the cardigan away.)
harden: 变得僵硬 pack away: 收拾起来 pack:打包
-Phoebe: So... What's the deal with umm, you and Joey?
 deal with: 对待();与打交道
-Ursula: Oh, right. He is so great. But that's over.
(Ursula resumes eating her lunch..)
 resume: 重新开始
-Phoebe: Does he know?
-Ursula: Who?
-Phoebe: Joey. You know, um, he's really nutsy about you.
-Ursula: He is? Why?
-Phoebe: You got me.
You got me: 你把我问倒了】
-Ursula: Right.
(A waiter comes over for the stolen chicken. Ursula turns to him.)
 stolen: steal 的过去分词偷窃,偷盗 chicken:鸡肉
-Ursula: Excuse me. Doesn't this come with a side salad?
side salad: (用作配菜的)色拉
抱歉, 这道菜不是有沙拉吗?
(The man gives up, shaking his head.)
 give up: 放弃 shake: 摇动
-Phoebe: So, um, are you gonna call him?
-Ursula: What? (Indicating the departing waiter) Do you think he likes me?
indicate: 暗示 depart:离开
-Phoebe: No, Joey.
-Ursula: Oh. No, no, he is so smart. He'll figure it out . (Offering to share her food) Do you want some chicken?
smart:聪明的 figure out:想出 
他很聪明他会了解的, 想吃鸡肉吗
-Phoebe: No. No food with a face.
-Ursula: You have not changed!
 change: 改变
(Ursula's eyes dance as she laughs and smiles, simply glad to be back with her sister.)
dance: 轻快地移动,晃动
-Phoebe: Yeah, you too.
-Ursula: Thanks .Excuse me ? My side salad?Service here is horrible , now I know what people mean.
 service: 服务 horrible: 可怕的 mean: 意思是
(Trying not to wrinkle her nose, Phoebe smiles back realising it's down to her to make up for her negligent sister.
wrinkle(使)起皱纹 make up for sb: 补偿某人 negligent:不在意的
Meanwhile, Ursula still hasn't received her side salad, but when she attempts to attract the waiter's attention, he ignores her.
attempt: 企图,试图  attention:注意力 ignore:不理)
[Scene: The Emergency Room. The officious admissions nurse is again on duty. Rachel and Monica enter, looking worried.
 officious: 多管闲事的 on duty: 值班 worried:忧心重重的
As they approach the desk, Rachel adopts a winning smile, while Monica struggles to smile at all.
approach: 靠近,走近 struggle: 努力]
-Rachel: (as Monica) Hi, remember us?
-Nurse: (Grimacing) Mmm hmmm.
grimace: 做苦相,扮鬼脸
-Monica: (as Rachel) Um, okay. You just called a little while ago about needing a signature on the admissions form.
Well, it turns out we need a whole new one (little laugh) because uh, you see, I-I, I put the wrong name again. (Little laugh) because um...
-Nurse: You're that stupid.
-Monica: (as Rachel) I am. I'm that stupid. (Little laugh.)
-Rachel: (as Monica) Yeah, and and, I'm just gonna pay for this with a check.
pay for: 偿还,付款 check: 支票
-Nurse: Well, you know your insurance will cover that.
insurance:保险 cover:覆盖包含
-Rachel: (as Monica) Yeah, I know... (mirroring her friend) ..I'm I'm just not that bright either.
mirror: 反映 bright: 聪明的
(The girls escape with a new form.)
-Rachel: Mon, I am sorry ,but last night what I said ,I don’t think anything you are like your mom .
-Monica: That’s all right , and you know , I don’t think you were selfish of running out of marrying .
selfish: 自私的 marry: 结婚
-Rachel: Oh , I am sorry I said you were a cow .
-Monica: That is okay , I was a cow
-Rachel: I know , I am just sorry I said it.
[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Chandler is neglecting the game of Scrabble, for he's busily drawing on his own childhood in an attempt to help Ross. Marcel chitters about .]
neglect: 疏忽   draw on:利用,凭借 attempt: 试图 chitter: 啾啾而鸣
-Chandler: Okay, worst case scenario. Say you never feel like a father.
 worst: bad的最高级最差的 scenario:情节,状况
好的想象最糟的场景, 你从未感觉像个爸爸。
-Ross: Uh-huh.
-Chandler: Say your son never feels connected to you, as one. Say all of his relationships are affected by this.
connect: 联系 relationship: 关系 affect:影响
你儿子从未感觉你像个爸爸, 他所有的关系全受这个的影响。
-Ross: Do you have a point ?
point: 要点
-Chandler: You know, you think I would.
(Instead of scampering, Marcel stretches his neck as much as possible, and makes an unvoiced noise from his throat.)
scamper: 奔跑 stretch: 伸展 unvoiced: 未出声的   noise: 噪音
-Chandler: What's up with the simian?
simian: 猴子
-Ross: It's just a fur ball.
-Chandler: Okay... (returning to the board) ..whose turn is it?
-Ross: Yours, I just got 43 points for 'KIDNEY'.
-Chandler: No, no, you got zero points for 'IDNEY'.
,你没得分, 你拼的是“idney”
-Ross: I had a 'K'. Where's where's my 'K'?
(The unvoiced hissing continues. In alarm, Ross and Chandler look at the monkey, who is now in some distress.)
hissing: 嘶嘶声 continue: 继续 alarm: 惊慌 distress: 苦恼
[Scene: The Emergency Room, Monica sits with Rachel, who is filling out an honest form at last. Ross and Chandler hurtle in.
hurtle: 猛冲
Little Marcel, wrapped in a fluffy towel, is cradled in Ross's arms. They dash up to the admissions desk. Ross is frantic.]
wrap: , fluffy: 毛绒绒的 towel: 毛巾 cradle: (像摇篮似的)抱着 dash: 急奔 frantic:疯狂的 
-Ross: You've got to help me my monkey swallowed a 'K'!
swallow: 吞咽
(Hearing her brother's voice, Monica gets up to stand behind Chandler, followed by Rachel.)
 follow: 跟随
-Nurse: (angrily) You get that animal out ofhere.
 animal: 动物
-Ross: No, no you don't understand the animal hospital is way across town he's choking I don't know what else to do.
animal hospital: 动物医院 chok:窒息
-Monica: What's going on?
(Ross and Chandler turn at the voice.)
-Chandler: Marcel swallowed a Scrabble tile .
tile:砖瓦, 这里指字母】
-Rachel: Oh.
(..then turn back to the desk when the surprise hits them, and Ross and Chandler whip around once more. Monica and Rachel recoil slightly.)
surprise:惊讶 whip around once more:再一次突然抽动了下】whip:抽打 recoil:退却,畏缩
-Nurse: Excuse me. This hospital is for people!
-Ross: Lady, he is people. He has a name, okay? He watches Jeopardy! He touches himself when nobody's watching. Please, please have a heart!
Jeopardy:美国热门抢答节目Jeopardy是美国相当知名的日间问答节目,这节目播出至今已经十八年了。Jeopardy的主持人Alex Trebec是主要发问人,每次会有三位来宾在台上对抗,题目会分几组类别,每个题目又依难易度有不等的金额,凡是答到最后累计到最多奖金的人就就是冠军,并取得卫冕资格。Ross这里就是要说,他的猴子会看这种节目,所以是只象人一样,会思考的猴子。】 have a heart: [美国英语]心地好,有同情心
(Ross's vigorous protest is attracting attention.)
vigorous: 强烈的 protest: 抗议,反对 attract:吸引 attention:注意力
-Dr. Mitchell: I'll take a look at him.
(Rachel, Monica, Ross and Chandler whip around for a second time, in formation.)
in formation: 排成一排的】 formation:构造,编队
-Rachel and Monica: Oh, thank you.
-Monica: Michael.
-Dr. Mitchell: Rachel.
-Rachel: What?
-Monica: (as Rachel) Monica.
-Rachel: (as Monica) Oh.
-Monica: (as Rachel) Hi.
-Rachel: (as Monica) Hi.
(Monica smiles to cover her embarrassment, but Rachel sadly looks away.)
cover:遮蔽;隐藏   embarrassment: 尴尬 look away: 望向别处
[Scene: Central Perk, Joey is playing "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" with the petals of a flower, alternately looking hopeful and annoyed.
 petal:花瓣 alternately:交替地 hopeful: 满怀希望的 annoyed: 烦闷的
Phoebe enters, but not as herself, for she has changed the style of her hair and make-up to match that of her twin sister.
style: 风格 make-up:化妆 match: 相一致
She hangs up her coat, revealing her new cardigan. Nervously, she smooths out the identifying garment, approaching Joey who sits next to the main sofa.
hang up: 挂起   reveal:显示 cardigan:开襟羊毛衫 smooth out:弄平 identify:暴露出的身份 garment:衣服]
-Phoebe: (as Ursula) Hey.
-Joey: Urse...
(Phoebe nods as he stands up in delight.)
 delight: 快乐,高兴
-Joey: ..ah, what're you doing here? I've been trying to call you.
-Phoebe: (as Ursula) Listen, um...
-Joey: No, no, no, don't say "listen." I know that "listen." I've said that "listen."
-Phoebe: (as Ursula) I'm sorry.
-Joey: I don't get it. What happened? What about everything you said under the bridge?
bridge:桥 happen: 发生
(Phoebe is almost thrown by this.)
 be thrown: 被认出】
-Phoebe: (as Ursula): Yeah, um... (nervously clears her throat) You know you, you should just forget about what I said under the bridge, I was talking crazy that night, I was so drunk!
nervously: 神经质地 throat: 喉咙 crazy:疯狂的 drunk: 喝醉的
-Joey: You don't drink.
-Phoebe: (as Ursula) That's right, I don't... But I was, I was drunk on you!
I was drunk on you:对你如痴如醉】
-Joey: Oh, Urse... (He tries to take her in his arms, but she fends him off.)
fend sb off:将某人挡开
-Phoebe: (as Ursula) Okay, yeah, so it's not gonna work.
-Joey: Why? Is it because I'm friends with Phoebe?
为什么因为我是Phoebe 的朋友
-Phoebe: (as Ursula) If it was, would you stop hanging out with her?
hang out with sb: 与某人来往】
-Joey: (Thinking carefully) no. No, I, I couldn't do that.
-Phoebe: (as Ursula) Um, then yes, it's because of Phoebe! So, you know, it's either her or me.
 either… or…: 二者择一的
没错就是因为她, 不是她就是我。
-Joey: Then, uh, then I'm sorry.
(He sinks to the sofa, saddened by Ursula's ultimatum, while Phoebe follows, touched by Joey's good heart.)
sink: 坐下 sadden: 使……悲伤 ultimatum: 最后通牒 touched: 受感动的
-Phoebe: (as Ursula) You know... (unconsciously putting a hand on his knee) You're gonna be really, really hard to get over.
 unconscious: 无意识的,不自觉的
-Joey: I know.
(He looks up at her face and Phoebe, slipping out of character, smiles back at him. Joey's voice becomes soft and warm.)
slip out of: ...中滑出
-Joey: I don't know whether it's just because we're breaking up or... what, but you have never looked so beautiful.
break up: 分手
我不知是否因为分手, 你从未这么漂亮过。
-Phoebe: Really?
(Phoebe smiles, when Joey takes her face in his hands and kisses her. Joey gets up to leave but stops suddenly.
 Phoebe silently shouts "Oh, whoa!!" to herself, and leans back in the sofa to recover, a hand to her tingling lips.
 shout: 呼喊 lean: , recover: 恢复 tingle: 激动;感到兴奋 lip: 嘴唇
A thoughtful Joey is also feeling his lips, so he hesitates for a moment, then returns for a better view,
thoughtful: 沉思的,思考的 hesitate: 犹豫 view: 视野
he thinks again, cocking his head from side to side to regard her profile from various angles, then...
cock:耸立,耸起 regard:注视 profile:侧面,轮廓   angle: 角度)
-Joey: Pheebs?
-Phoebe: (Automatically) Yeah. Oooh... (she's sprung.)
automatical: 自动的 be sprung: 露馅】 sprung: spring 的过去式和过去分词, 受惊跳出
[Scene: The Hospital, Marcel lies on the operating table while recovering from the anaesthetic, tucked up under a sheet like an infant in a huge bed.
anaesthetic: 麻醉剂 tuck:卷起 tuck up: 折起,缩拢 sheet: 床单 infant:婴儿
Ross sits beside him, as a smiling Chandler, Monica and Rachel look on. ]
-Ross: He looks so tiny.
 tiny: 极小的
(The door bursts open, and Joey and Phoebe rush in.)
burst open:猛然打开 rush:冲进
-Joey: We just got the message.
-Phoebe: Is he alright?
-Ross: Yeah. The doctor got the 'K' out. He also found an 'M' and an 'O'.
-Chandler: We think he was trying to spell out 'MONKEY.'
spell out:把(某单词)的字母全部拼写出来 monkey: 猴子
(Ross does not approve of Chandler's daft theory.)
approve:同意 daft: 愚笨的 theory: 理论
-Ross: Well, the doctor says he's gonna be fine, he's just sleeping now.
-Chandler: (Tapping Ross on his shoulder) So, you feel like a dad yet?
tap:轻拍 shoulder:肩膀
-Ross: No, why?
-Chandler: Hey, come on, you came through, you did what you had to do. That is very dad.
come through: 经历,脱险
(Ross does approve of this, but he's still not sure. The tiny figure stirs.)
stir: 微动
-Monica: Oh, look, he's waking up!
wake up: 睡醒
-Ross: (Quietly) hey, fella! How you doing?
fella: =fellow伙计
(All of a sudden, Marcel grabs Ross's finger with his whole fist, and he squeezes it, so tight, that Ross finally knows what it is to be a father.
all of a sudden: 突然 grab: 抓住 squeeze:紧握 tight: 紧的
 He looks up at his friends, who smile encouragingly, Rachel tenderly resting her chin upon Monica's shoulder.
encouragingly: 鼓励地 tenderly: 温柔地 rest: 搁在 chin: 下巴
Ross realises that Chandler was right and he's gonna make a great dad!
 realise: 认识到
[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, everyone except Joey is there. Rachel is looking out of the window and Ross is handing out some Chinese takeout. There's a small SAP in the corner of the screen.]
 hand out: 分发,分给;拿出,取出 takeout: 外卖的食物 screen: 屏幕
-Ross: Aqui est? (Here it is!)
-Monica: qui pidio el pollo General Tso? (Who ordered General Sal's chicken?)
 orde: (菜、饮料等)
-Chandler: udo aver sido General Tso! (It could've been General Sal!)
(Rachel points out of the window.)
-Rachel: ra, mira, el viejo desnudo est?haciendo el hula hoop! (Look, look, Ugly Naked Guy is doing the hula!)
 the hula: 呼啦圈
(The others rush to the window for a look.)
-All: www! (Ewww!)
(Joey enters, happy again.)
-All: ola, Joey! (Hi, Joey!)
-Joey: ola, amigos! (Hey, everybody!)
(Marcel grabs the remote.)
-Monica: Mira, Ross, Marcel se llevo el control remoto. (Look, Ross, Marcel's got the remote.)
 remote: 遥控器
-Ross: o que sucedio es que no le gusta la tele! (The thing is, he doesn`t like the program!)
 program: 节目
(Everybody laughs.)
词汇解析:Tina  校对:Amy
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knock on: 敲(门、窗等)
take down:取下来
fill out: 填写
hand over: 交出
ill fortune: 坏运气
screw up: [俚]弄糟,损坏
blow off:取消
freak out: 紧张
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