118. The One with All The Poker

(The whole gang is helping Rachel mail out resumes while whistling the theme from The Bridge on the River Kwai.)
 gang: ,,    mail out: 同时大量发送 resume: 简历 whistle: 吹口哨 theme: 【音乐】主题;主旋律
-Ross: Uh, Rach, we're running low on resumes over here.
run low: 快用完了
-Monica: Do you really want a job with Popular Mechanics?
Popular Mechanics:《大众机械师(Popular Mechanics)
-Chandler: Well, if you're gonna work for mechanics, those are the ones to work for.
 Mechanic: 技工 work for: 工作
如果你真想为技工工作, 那倒是可以试试
-Rachel: Hey, look, you guys, I'm going for anything here, OK? I cannot be a waitress anymore, I mean it. I'm sick of the lousy tips, I'm sick of being called 'Excuse me...'
go for: 争取;试图获得 waitress: 女服务员 sick of: 厌烦 sick: 恶心的,想呕吐的  lousy: 差劲的 tip: 小费
-Phoebe: Paper cut paper cut!!
-Joey: Here.
-Phoebe: Grapefruit Juice Grapefruit Juice!!
grapefruit juice: 葡萄柚汁 grapefruit: 葡萄柚
柚子汁! 柚子汁!
-Rachel: Okay, you guys, we are almost done. Only 20 more to go
伙计们, 差不多了, 只剩20份了.
-Ross: Rach, did you proofread these?
proofread: 校对
Rach, 这些你已校对过了吗?
-Rachel: Uh... yeah, why?
-Ross: Uh, nothing, I'm sure they'll be impressed with your excellent computerskills.
 impress: ...以深刻印象  excellent: 优秀的 skill: 技巧
-Rachel: (upset) Oh my Goood! Oh, do you think it's on all of them?
upset: 烦乱的,不安的
-Joey: Oh no, I'm sure the Xerox machine caught a few.
xerox machine: 复印机 xerox: 影印复印
[Scene: Central Perk, Ross and Chandler are sitting at a table. Rachel is working. Monica and Phoebe enter.]
-Chandler: They call this a love seatbut I’m not feeling anything special towards you.
special: 特殊的,特别的 towards: 朝着;面对
他们把这里叫做情侣座, 可是和你对面一点感觉没有.
-Monica: Hey, guys.
-Chandler and Ross: Hey.
-Rachel: Hey... hi, ladies... uh, can I get you anything? (to Monica, quietly): Did you bring the mail?
quietly: 轻声地
两位小姐,需要什么吗? 信件带来了没有?
-Monica: Lots of responses .
response: 答复,反应
-Rachel: (to Monica): Really? (out loud): Sure, we have sconesleft! (to Monica): OK, read them to me.
out loud: 大声地 scones: 烤饼
-Phoebe: (reading): Dear Ms. Green, thank you for your inquiry, however... oh... (crumples up letter)
inquiry: 咨询 crumple up: 揉皱(压碎) crumple: 压皱
亲爱的 Ms. Green小姐感谢您的询问然而
-Rachel: (out loud): We have apple cinnamon...
apple cinnamon: 【苹果肉桂】 cinnamon: 肉桂,
-Monica: (reading): OK... Dear Ms. Green... yeah... yeah... yeah... No. (crumpes up letter)
亲爱的 Ms. Green …………………
-Phoebe: Wow!
-Rachel: What?
-Phoebe: (reading): Your Visa bill is huge!
 visa: 信用卡 bill: 帐单
-Rachel: (grabs the bill) Give me that!
grab: 抓住
(Camera cuts to Chandler and Ross at table.)
-Chandler: You know, I can't believe you. Linda is so great! Why won't you go out with her again?
go out with: 带着...出去【和...约会】
-Ross: I don't know.
-Chandler: Is this still about her whole 'The Flintstones could have really happened' thing?
The Flintstones: 石头族乐园【一部美国风味很浓的喜闹剧,本片当年(1994)被誉为是一部具有视觉创造性的影片,采用电脑特技将一个快乐神奇的摩登石头族的乐园呈现在大家的    前】
-Ross: No, it's not just that. It's just—I want someone who... who does something for me, you know? Who gets my heart pounding, who... who makes me, uh... (begins to stare lovingly at Rachel)
pound: 跳动 lovingly: 钟情地 stare at: 凝视
-Chandler: ...little playthings with yarn?
plaything: 玩具,被玩弄的人 yarn: 纱,纱线
-Ross: What?
-Chandler: Could you want her more?
-Ross: Who?
-Chandler: (sarcastically) Dee, the sarcastic sister from What’s Happening.
dee: [委婉语]该死的【Ross明知道Chandler在说Rachel,还装傻问是谁(Who? ),Chandler就说:是Dee“What’s Happening ”里面哪个犀利的小妹妹。意思是,你说是谁,你还嫌我讽刺你讽刺得不够是不是。】 sarcastic: 好挖苦人的,尖刻的 What’s Happening: 【是美国七八十年代的一部情景喜剧,讲一个黑人家庭的事】
-Ross: Look, I am totally, totally over her, OK, I just... (Rachel comes over, Ross lays head on table): Hiiii!
over: 结束【I am over you: 我跟你之间完了。--译典通在线】 lay on: ...放在...
-Rachel: Hi! How are you?
-Ross: We're fine, we're fine.
-Rachel: OK. (walks away)
(Ross keeps staring at her, head on table. Chandler smacks him with a newspaper. Joey enters, Ross and Chandler laugh at him.)
smack: (用掌)击打;拍打
-Joey: Shut up!
-Chandler: We're not—we're not saying anything.
-Phoebe: What?
-Ross: Uhhhh... Joey cried last night.
昨晚Joey 哭了
-Joey: Thank you.
-Chandler: (to the girls) We were playing poker, alright...
poker: 扑克
-Joey: There was chocolate on the three. It looked like an eight, alright?
chocolate: 巧克力
-Ross: Oh, guys, you should've seen him. 'Read them and weep.'
 weep: 哭泣
-Chandler: And then he did.
-Rachel: Well, now, how come you guys have never played poker with us?
-Phoebe: Yeah, what is that? Like, some kind of guy thing? Like, some kind of sexist guy thing? Like it's poker, so only guys can play?
kind of: 有点儿,有几分 sexist: 性别主义()的;性别歧视()
-Ross: No, women are welcome to play.
-Phoebe: Oh, OK, so then what is it? Some kind of... you know, like, like... some kind of, you know, like... alright, what is it?
-Chandler: There just don't happen to be any women in our games.
-Joey: Yeah, we just don't happen to know any women that know how to play poker.
-Girls: Oh, yeah, right.
-Monica: Oh, please, that is such a lame excuse!
lame: 理由不充足的  excuse: 借口
-Rachel: Really.
-Monica: I mean, that's a typical guy response.
typical: 典型的 response: 反应
-Ross: Excuse me, do any of you know how to play?
-Girls: No.
-Rachel: But you could teach us.
-Guys: No.
[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, the guys are teaching the girls how to play poker.]
-Chandler: (teaching) OK, so now we draw cards.
draw: 抽签
-Monica: So I wouldn't need any, right? Cause I have a straight.
a straight: 【一把顺[5张牌连在一起,但不同花色]
我不需要换牌对吧? 因为我有一条顺
-Rachel: Oh, good for you!
-Phoebe: Congratulations!
 congratulation: 祝贺
(Microwave timer goes off. Monica gets up.)
 microwave : 微波炉 timer: 定时器
-Chandler: OK Phoebs, how many do you want?
-Phoebe: OK, I just need two... the, um, ten of spades and the six of clubs
spade: (纸牌中的)黑桃 club: (纸牌的)梅花
-Ross: No. No, uh, Phoebs? You can't—you can't do...
-Rachel: Oh wait, I have the ten of spades! Here! (gives it to Phoebe)
-Ross: No, no. Uh... no, see, uh, you-you can't do that.
-Rachel: Oh, no-no-no-no-no-no, that's OK, I don't need them. I'm going for fours
-Ross: Oh, you're... (gives up)
give up: 放弃
-Ross: (to Rachel) You’re going for fours. (to Chandler)Chandler, could you? Thanks, man.
 你要4Chandler, 你有吗?谢谢
(Monica comes back to the table with plates of food.)
-Monica: Alright, here we go. We've got salmon roulettes and assorted crudites
salmon: ,大马哈鱼 roulette: 轮盘  assorted: 各色俱备的 crudites: [法语]什锦冷拌生菜,蔬菜色拉
-Phoebe and Rachel: OOooooo!
-Joey: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Monica, what're you doin'? This is a poker game. You can't serve food with more than one syllable. It's gotta be like chips, or dip, or pretz=pretzel ...(look of realization)
serve: 服务,供应  syllable: 音节  gotta: <美俚> (=have got to) 必须 chip: 薯片 dip: 蘸酱  pretz (pretzel): 一种脆饼干 realization: 领悟
你在干什么? 我们正在玩牌, 所以食物的名称不能超过一个词, 比如: 薯片蘸汁脆饼
-Chandler: (changing subject) OK, so at this point, the dealer...
subject : 话题 dealer: 发牌者,庄家
-Monica: Alright, you know, we got it, we got it. Let's play for real. High stakes... big bucks...
high stake: 大赌注 stake: 赌注 buck:
知道了, 开始来真的吧, 大钱出大钱进
-Ross: Alright, now, you sure? Phoebe just threw away two jacks because they didn't look happy...
throw away: 扔掉;【纸牌】(牌戏中)垫牌 jack: 杰克(扑克牌的第十一号)
你真的要开始? Phoebe刚刚扔了一张J,因为他们看起来好像不开心
-Phoebe: But... I'm ready, so, just deal.
deal: 交易;【牌戏】(给玩牌者)发牌
-Chandler: OK, alright, last minute lesson , last minute lesson. (holds up two cards) Joey... three... eight. Eight... three. (Joey is unamused) Alright babe, deal the cards.
last minute lesson: 【最终提醒】 lesson: 课;告诫
最终提醒最终提醒, Joey3883发牌吧
(Time lapse.)
-Monica: (throws down her cards) Dammit , dammit, dammit!
throw down: 扔下来,推翻 dammit: 该死
-Phoebe: (to Joey): Oh I see, so then, you were lying.
lying(原型lie): 撒谎
-Joey: About what?
-Phoebe: About how good your cards were.
-Joey: Heh... I was bluffing.
bluff: 以假象骗(人),佯作有把握以骗(人)
-Phoebe: A-ha! And... What is bluffing? Is it not another word for... lying?
什么是唬? 不就是骗的同义字吗?
-Rachel: OK, sorry to break up this party, but I've got resumes to fax before work tomorrow... (gets up to leave)
break up: 使分裂 resume: 简历 fax: 传真
-Guys: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
-Chandler: Rach, Rach, we gotta settle.
settle: 结算
Rach, Rach我们得算帐
-Rachel: Settle what?
-Chandler: The... Jamestown colony of Virginia. You see, King George is giving us the land, so...
Jamestown colony of Virginia,King George【瑞秋和钱德勒等人打牌,输了却不知道给钱,因此钱德勒用乔治三世(King George)把弗吉尼亚的殖民地詹姆斯敦给了美国来作比喻。乔治三世是英国历史上的君主,他对北美殖民地采取强硬态度,最终导致美国革命】
-Ross: The game, Rachel, the game. You owe us money for the game.
owe: 欠钱 game: 赌局
-Rachel: Oh. Right.
-Joey: You know what, you guys? It's their first time, why don't we just forget about the money, alright?
你们知道吗? 这是她们的第一次, 别和她们计较钱了
-Monica: Hell no, we'll pay!
-Phoebe: OK, Monica? I had another answer all ready .
Monica, 我有另一个答案了
-Monica: And you know what? We want a rematch.
 rematch: (对手之间的)第二次比赛;重赛
-Ross: Well that's fine with me. Could use the money.
-Rachel: (to Ross): So basically, you get your ya-yas by taking money from all of your friends.
basically: 基本上 yayas:【组合家具】
这么说你们的组合家俱, 都用朋友的钱买来的
-Ross: (pause)...Yeah.
-Chandler: Yes, and I get my ya-yas from Ikea. You have to put them together yourself, but they cost a little less.
Ikea: 宜家家居(瑞典一家家具公司) cost: 花费
-Ross: Look, Rachel, this is poker. I play to win, alright? In order for me to win, other people have to lose. So if you're gonna play poker with me, don't expect me to be a 'nice guy', OK? Cause once those cards are dealt... (claps hands three times)
poker: 扑克 in order for: 以便 gonna: =going to expect: 期望  nice guy: [口语]好人 clap: 鼓掌
-Joey: (pause)...Yeah
-Ross: I'm not a nice guy.
[Scene: Ross' apartment. Chandler and Joey are there. Ross enters with a pizza.]
pizza: 比萨饼
-Ross: Alright boys, let's eat.
-Chandler: Oh, did you get that from the 'I Love Rachel' pizzeria?
pizzeria:  匹萨店
-Ross: You still on that?
-Chandler: Oh, come on. What was with that whole Black Bart speech? (mimicking): "When I play poker, I'm not a nice guy!"
Black Bart: 【美国1974年的一部电影,讲述一群马贼强盗的故事】  mimick: 模仿
-Ross: You are way off, pal.
You are way off【你扯远了】 way off: [美国口语]有很大距离;错得厉害 pal: 朋友,伙伴
-Joey: No, I don't think so; see Ross, because I think you love her.
-Ross: Um.... no. See, I might have had feelings for her at one time—not any more. I just—I...
have feeling for sb: 为某人有感觉
(Marcel makes a screeching noise in background.)
screech: 尖叫 noise: 喧哗声 background: 背景
-Ross: Marcel! Where are you going with that disc?
(Marcel puts a CD in the player.)
player: 放音器
Marcel! 你碰那CD碟干吗?
-Ross: You are not putting that on again! Marcel, OK—if you press that button, you are in very, very big trouble.
press: 按住 button: 钮扣 in trouble: 处于困境;挨骂,受罚
不能再放上去Marcel 如果你再按播放我就要给你好看
(The Lion Sleeps Tonight starts to play. Marcel starts to dance.)
The Lion Sleeps Tonight:雄狮入梦<<狮子王>>中的一首曲子
[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are there.]
-Rachel: (opening mail) Can you believe what a jerk Ross was being
jerk: [口语]笨蛋,性情古怪的人
你知道Ross 那混蛋有多烂吗?
-Monica: Yeah, I know. He can get really competitive
competitive: 好竞争的
-Phoebe: Ha. Ha, ha.
-Monica: What?
-Phoebe: Oh, hello, kettle? This is Monica. You're black.
这句话来源于一句古语:It's like the pot calling the kettle black罐子笑壶黑。即:五十步笑百步因为很多铁制炊具为黑色。意思是,你在嘲讽别人时,其实自己也一样,就好像说,"It takes one to know one"彼此彼此。这里rach先说ross让人难以忍受,mon附议说,他有时的确让人发疯;pheebs就讽刺她说,乌鸦笑猪黑,你还不是一样
kettle 我是Monica 你是黑人
-Monica: Please! I am not as bad as Ross.
拜托我没像 Ross那么烂
-Rachel: Oh, I beg to differ. The Pictionary incident?
beg to differ: 恕不同意(对不起,本人有不同意见)
Pictionary 老友们玩的一种游戏,PictionaryPictureDictionary的合成词,意思就是一个游戏者画出某个东西,另外的游戏者猜是代表哪个词】
-Monica: That was not an incident! I-I was gesturing, a-and the plate slipped out of my hand.
incident:  gesture: 作手势 slip out: 滑落 slip: 滑,滑脱
-Rachel: Oooooh. (reads letter) (surprised): Oh! I got an interview! I got an interview!
surprised: 感到惊讶的 interview: 面试
-Monica: You're kidding! Where? Where?
kidding: 开玩笑
-Rachel: (in disbelief): Sak's... Fifth... Avenue.
in disbelief: 不相信(怀疑) avenue: 大街
-Monica: Oh, Rachel!
-Phoebe: Oh, it's like the mother ship is calling you home.
 mother ship: 航空母机;(小型船只的)母船
-Monica: Well, what's the job?
-Rachel: Assistant buyer Oh! I would be shopping... for a living!
assistant buyer: 【助理采购员】 assistant: 助手
(Knock on door.)
-Monica: OK, look. That is Aunt Iris. This woman has been playing poker since she was five. You gotta listen to every word she says. (opens door) Hi!
gotta= get to  since: 自从
听着 Iris姑姑。她从五岁起便开始玩牌她说的每个字我们都得牢记在。你好
-Aunt Iris: Is Tony Randall dead?
Tony Randall 莫尼卡请来了牌场高手艾莉斯姑姑,她一进门就问:托尼·兰德尔(Tony Randall)是否死了?”这是著名的演员,曾出演过《致命的直觉》。大家都对姑姑的问话很疑惑,结果姑姑说她出门时好像撞到了兰德尔,大家正在惊讶时,姑姑笑着揭穿了把戏:原来她在教大家牌场上要学会吹嘘自己的实力】
Tony Randall著名的演员死了?
-Rachel: No.
-Monica: I don't think so.
-Rachel: Why?
-Aunt Iris: Well, he may be now, because I think I hit him with my car.
-Monica: What?
-Rachel: Oh my God!
-Monica: Really?
-Aunt Iris: No! That's bluffing. Lesson number one. (walks into kitchen) Let me tell you something... everything you hear at a poker game is pure crap. (to Phoebe): Nice earrings
bluff: (用假象)吓唬(人),吓住,虚张声势  pure: 完全的,绝对的 crap: 胡说;废话 earring: 耳环
那是唬人的第一课, 告诉你们玩牌听到的每个字都是狗屁, 不错的耳环。
-Phoebe: Thank y... (thinks about it)
 thank y...=thank you
-Aunt Iris: Girls, sit down.
-Monica: Uh, Aunt Iris? This is Phoebe, and that's Rachel...
-Aunt Iris: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, listen, I am parked at a meter. Let's do it.
 park: 停车 meter: 计量器;汽车停放收费计,汽车停放计时器
[Scene: Ross's apartment, everyone but Rachel is seated around his table. The Lion Sleep Tonight plays in the background.]
background: 后台,背景情况
-Phoebe: Ross, could we please, please, please listen to anything else?
-Ross: Alright.
(Ross shuts off the CD player. Marcel runs into the bedroom and slams the door.) 
shut off: 关掉 slam: 砰地关上
-Ross: I'm gonna pay for that tonight.
gonna=going to
(Knock on door. Ross opens it. Rachel enters.)
-Rachel: Hi!
-Ross: Hey.
-Rachel: Guys! Guess what, guess what, guess what, guess what!
-Chandler: Um, ok... the... the fifth dentist caved and now they're all recommending Trident?
dentist: 牙医 cave: 屈服 recommend: 建议,推荐【Tridentn.三叉戟)不含糖的口香糖.其广告为:5个牙医中有4个都推荐Trident. 这里Rachel问,猜猜有什么新鲜事?chandler答:第5个牙医也同意推荐Trident口香糖】
-Rachel: Noooo... the interview! She loved me! She absolutely loved me. We talked for like two and a half hours,
 absolutely: 完全地
we have the same taste in clothes, and—oh, I went to camp with her cousin... And, oh, the job is perfect. I can do this. I can do this well!
taste: 品味 camp: 露营  cousin: 堂(或表)兄弟(姐妹)
--All: That's great! That's wonderful!
-Rachel: Oh God, oh, and then she told the funniest story...
funny: 可笑的,有趣的
-Monica: OK, great. You'll tell us and we'll laugh. Let's play poker.
-Joey: Alright now listen, you guys, we talked about it, and if you don't want to play, we completely understand.
 completely: 完全地  understand: 理解
-Chandler: Oh yes, yes, we could play some other game... like, uh, I don't know... Pictionary?
pictionary: 图画猜物游戏
我们可以玩别的, 猜字之类的
(The guys all duck under the table.)
duck: 闪避
-Monica: Ha, ha, very funny, very funny. But I think we'd like to give poker another try. Shall we, ladies?
真好笑, 我们想再给扑克牌一次机会, 是不是小姐们?
-Phoebe and Rachel: Yes, we should. I think we should.
-Ross: Uh, Rach, do you want me to shuffle those?
shuffle: 洗纸牌
Rach, 需要我来洗牌吗?
-Rachel: No, no, thats OK. Y'know, I think I'm gonna give it a go.
-Ross: Alright.
-Rachel: Alright... (shuffles cards expertly, all the guys stare in amazement)
 expertly: 熟练地(巧妙地)   in amazement: 惊异 amazement: 惊愕,惊异
[Scene: Ross's Apartment, continued from earlier.]
-Ross: So, Phoebs owes $7.50, Monica, you owe $10, and Rachel, you owe fifteen big ones.
Phoebs75 Monica10Rachel输了
-Joey: But hey, thanks for teaching us Cross-Eyed Mary. You guys, we gotta play that at our regular game.
Cross-Eyed Mary: 斜眼玛丽【这是来自于IRON MAIDEN的一首歌。女孩们刚学的扑克招数里有个eye contact trick,往左斜眼代表缺梅花之类的,男孩们就把这个trick戏称做Cross-Eyed Mary regular: 经常地   应该是正规的;合乎规范的
-Phoebe: Alright, here's my $7.50. (Hands them the money) But I think you should know that this money is cursed.
cursed: 被诅咒的
-Joey: What?
-Phoebe: Oh, I cursed it. So now bad things will happen to he who spends it.
我已对它下咒, 花这些钱的人会倒大楣
-Chandler: That's alright, I'll take it. Bad things happen to me anyway. This way I can break them up with a movie.
break sth up: 打破某事
-Ross: Well, that just leaves the big Green poker machine, who owes fifteen...
才刚离开“Green ”扑克牌机就欠15
-Rachel: Mmm-hmmm. Oh, so typical. Ooo, I'm a man. Ooo, I have a penis. Ooo, I have to win money to exert my power over women. (hands over her money)
typical:典型的,有代表性的 penis=peepee: 阴茎 exert: 发挥,运用 power: 能力,本领
-Monica: You know what? This is not over. We will play you again, and we will win, and you will lose, and you will beg,
知道吗?还没结束, 我们会再找你们玩, 而且我们会赢你们会输, 你们会求饶,
and we will laugh, and we will take every last dime you have, and you will hate yourselves forever.
dime: 一角硬币
我们会大笑, 我们会赢走你们的每一分钱, 你们会永远恨死自己
-Rachel: Hmm. Kinda stepped on my point there, Mon.
kinda: 有一点, 有几分(=kind of) step: 步;步伐一致,步调合拍 point: 观点,想法 step on: 踩在
[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, everyone is there ready for another poker game.]
-Ross: So, you gals wanna hand over your money now? That way, we don't have to go through the formality of actually playing.
gal: [口语] =girl  hand over: 交出,交给 go through:  通过  formality: 礼节,程序 actually: 真实地,真正的
现在可以交出钱来吗? 如此我们就不必正式玩了
-Rachel: Ooooh, that's fine. We'll see who has the last laugh there, monkey boy.
-Monica: OK, we done with the chit-chat ? Are we ready to play some serious poker?
chit-chat: [light informal conversation for social occasions]【闲谈】 serious: 严肃的,认真的
-Phoebe: (holding a card and waving it in front of her face) Hey you guys, look, the one-eyed jack follows me wherever I go. (they look at her) Right, OK, serious poker.
wave: 波动,挥动 in front of: 前面 follow: 跟随
(Ross gets up from the table.)
-Monica: Excuse me, where are you going?
-Ross: Uh... to the bathroom.
 bathroom: 浴室
-Monica: Do you want to go to the bathroom, or do you wanna play poker?
-Ross: I want to go to the bathroom. (exits)
-Joey: Alright, well, I'm gonna order a pizza. (gets up)
order: 定购
-Rachel: Oh no-no-no-no-no, I'm still waiting to hear from that job and the store closes at nine, so you can eat then.
-Joey: That's fine. I'll just have a Tic-Tac to hold me over.
Tic-Tac: 一种薄荷糖 hold sb over提神
-Monica: Alright, Cincinnati, no blinds, everybody ante. (deals cards)
Cincinnati: 这是一种家庭扑克牌(Home game)的玩法,又称之为Utah, Lamebrains, or Californiawidow game southern cross也与此相似。Cincinnati 的具体玩法是每个人都发5张牌,牌底朝下(face down),剩下的牌则放在桌子中央。先下一轮注(a round of betting, 然后由牌童(houseman)或发牌人(dealer)揭开桌子中央底牌底(turn up the central card),每揭开一张又下一轮注, 在最后一张牌揭晓时(showdown),每个玩家选用他手上最好的5张牌比大小。
no blinds, everybody ante: 未见牌不得下注。anteblinds都是下注的方式。ante是出牌(deal)前所下的注,而且不算作下回赌注中的一部分;blinds则恰恰相反,在不看自己的下一张牌时就下注,而且会成为下次赌注的一部分。
blind: 【牌戏】未见牌而先下的赌注,(看牌之前下的)先行赌注 ante: 【扑克牌戏】(预或先)(赌注或赌金)
-Phoebe: (looks at her cards) Yes! (everyone looks at her) .... or no.
(Ross comes back from bathroom.)
! 或者不下
-Ross: Alright. (to Rachel): Your money's mine, Green
-Rachel: Your fly is open, Geller. (he checks it, and zips up)
fly: (西服,尤指男子裤子前面的)纽扣遮盖;(遮盖着的)纽扣(或拉链等) zip up: 拉上拉链 zip: 拉链;拉开(或扣上)拉链
你的拉链没拉上, Geller
(Time lapse.)
-Phoebe: You guys, you know what I just realized? 'Joker' is 'poker' with a 'J.' Coincidence?
 realized: 了解 joker: 【牌戏】百搭(可充作任何一张牌或作王牌) coincidence: 巧合
我刚刚才了解到, 十一点上有个J. 巧合吗?
-Chandler: Hey, that's... that's 'joincidence' with a 'C'!   视频里是jo-incidence
-Joey: Uh... Phoebe? Phoebe?
 Phoebe? Phoebe?
-Phoebe: Yeah. Um... I'm out. (throws in cards)
跟不跟是“in or out”    throw in: 【纸牌】弃(牌)
-Rachel: I'm in.
-Monica: Me too.
-Joey: Me too. Alright, what do you get.
 我也跟, 好了, 你有什么牌
-Ross: Well, you better hop out of the shower, cause... I gotta flush. (lays down cards)
hop: 单脚跳;快速行走 shower: 浴室 flush: 旺盛,满盈的【牌戏】(一手)同花牌[参较 royal flush, straight flush] lay down: 放下
flush: 5张牌都是同花不连成一句话.一手牌(hand)比大小时,four of kind>full house>flush>straightFour of kind4张一样的,大概相当于4个炸弹。Full House是指5张牌中有3张一样的(3k)和2张一样的(23), straight flush是同花顺,Straight5张牌连成一句话(56789),但不同花色。
你最好逃出浴室, 因为我拿五张同花
-Rachel: Well, well, well, hop back in bucko, cause I got four sixes! (lays down cards) I won! I actually won!
bucko: 家伙   欺凌弱小者;盛气凌人者
 好的好的好的, 回来吧小子, 因为我拿了四张六!! 我赢了我真的赢了
 Oh my God! You know what? (collects chips) I think I'm gonna make a little Ross pile. (holds up a chip)
 collect: 堆积,收集 chip: (作赌注用的)圆形筹码 gonna: <> 将要(=going to) pile: 堆,堆积 hold up: 举起
我的天哪! 你们知道吗? 我要把小罗斯堆起来
I think that one was Ross's, and I think—oh—that one was Ross's. Yes! (Starts singing): Well, I have got your money, and you'll never see it...
我想这是罗斯的, 那个也是罗斯的. 我赚到你的钱, 你在无法看到它了
(Ross stands up.)
-Rachel: And your fly's still open...
(Ross looks down.)
-Rachel: Ha, I made you look....
(Time lapse.)
 lapse: 流逝
-Rachel: I’m in. I couldn't be inner. Monica?  in-er
I couldn't be inner=I can not agree more 意思是她跟(不是很确定这句翻译, 欢迎大家多提意见) inner要是理解为比较级意思就说得通】 inner: 隐晦的;含蓄的;隐蔽的
 我跟. Monica?
-Phoebe: Monica, in or out?
 Monica, 跟还是不跟/
-Monica: (slams down cards) I hate this game!
 slam: 猛然 slam down: 往下放 slam: 砰地放下;使劲扔
(Joey slides a plate away from Monica towards Chandler, who hides it under the table.)
 slide: 使悄悄地转动   滑,滑动 plate: 盘子 away from:  toward: 向;朝着;接近 hide: 藏,隐藏
-Phoebe: OK Joey, your bet.
下注一般是bet   bet: 赌注,财金
Joey, 你呢?
-Joey: Ahhh, I fold like a cheap hooker who got hit in the stomach by a fat guy with sores on his face. (the girls look at him, confused) Oh, I'm out.
fold: 折叠【牌戏】把牌(面)朝下放(以示退出) cheap: 卑贱的 hooker: 妓女 stomach: 腹部,肚子sore: 疮口,伤处 confused: 困惑的
不玩了就说“I fold.”/hooker n.渔船,<>二流妓女/stomach n.肚子,胃/sore n.痛处,伤处
-Phoebe: Ross?
-Ross: Oh, I am very in.
-Phoebe: Chandler?
-Chandler: Couldn't be more out. (throws in cards)
-Phoebe: Me too. Rachel.
 我也不跟. Rachel?
-Rachel: Uh, I will see you... and I'll raise you. (throws chips in pot) What do you say... want to waste another buck?
raise: 表示提高赌注,在一个limit game中(赌注有上限), 通常是raise the bet to the limit. Call是与对方的注持平(match a beteg:I will see youI’ll see a bet:我跟着你下注/in pot一叠叠地 raise: [美国英语]【扑克】增加赌注(超过前一人的赌注)
我不但跟反而加注, 如何? 还想再浪费钱吗?
-Ross: No, not this time. (he folds) So... what'd you have?
 这一回不会. 快嘛. 给我看你有什么?
-Rachel: I'm not telling. (collects chips)
-Ross: Come on, show them to me. (reaches for her cards, Rachel covers them up)
Cover sth up掩盖
-Rachel: No..!
-Ross: Show them to me!
-Rachel: Get your hands out of there! No!
-Ross: Let me see! Show them!
-Chandler: You know, I've had dates like this.
-Rachel: (deals new hand) Boy, you really can't stand to lose, can you? Your whole face is getting red... little veins popping out on your temple...
deals new hand:新发一副牌 vein: 静脉 pop out 暴出 temple太阳穴
天啊, 你真是输不起的家伙, 你的脸涨的好红, 太阳穴的小血管都浮出来了
-Phoebe: Plus that shirt doesn't really match those pants.
(Ross is visibly upset.)
visibly: 明显的
-Ross: First of all, I'm not losing..
第一, 我没输
-Rachel: Oh, you are losing. Definitely losing. (phone rings)
 Oh, 你是输定了
-Ross: Let's not talk about losing. Just deal the...
 我们不要谈论输不输的事了, 发牌
-Rachel: (answering phone) Hel-lo, Rachel Green.
 HI, Rachel Green
-Ross: (mimicking Rachel) Mee mee, mee-mee mee.
 mimicking: 模仿
-Rachel: (on phone) Excuse me. (covers up phone; to Ross) It's about the job.
 cover: 遮盖
(Rachel walks into kitchen to talk on the phone.)
-Rachel: Barbara! Hi, how are you? (Listens) Uh-huh. (Listens) No, I understand. Yeah. Oh, oh,
Barbara! 你好吗? , 我懂
come on, no, I'm fine. Don't be silly. Yeah... oh, but you know, if-if anything else opens up,
open up: 提供
, 我没事, 别傻了, 是否还有其他职位缺人?
plea—Hello? Hello? (hangs up phone, very depressed)
hang up: 挂断电话   depress: 沮丧
Open up: (职位)空缺
(Rachel goes back and sits down. The rest don't know what to say.)
rest: 其余的
-Monica: Sorry, Rach.
 对不起, Rach
-Phoebe: You know, there's gonna be lots of other stuff.
-Rachel: Yeah...(sigh)....OK. Where were we? Oh, OK... five card draw, uh... jacks or better... nothing wild, everybody ante.
 玩到哪了? OK, 拿五张牌, 11点比较好, 大家下注
-Joey: Look, Rachel, we don't have to do this.
 Rachel, 别再完了
-Rachel: Yes, we do. (pause)
 要玩, 下注
-Monica: Alright, check.
Check : (避免主动叫牌,把下注权让给下家)
好了, 下注 
-Joey: Check.
-Ross: I'm in for fifty cents. (throws it in)
-Chandler: Call.
Call: 叫牌
-Phoebe: I'm in.
-Rachel: I see your fifty cents... and I raise you... five dollars. (throws it in)
 cent: 美分
 我跟你5, 然后我要加5
-Ross: I thought, uh... it was a fifty cent limit.
 limit: 限制
-Rachel: Well, I just lost a job, and I'd like to raise the bet five bucks. Does anybody have a problem with that?
 我刚失去工作所以想加5, 各位有问题吗?
(Everyone says no and folds, except for Ross, who thinks about it.)
-Rachel: (to Ross): Loser?
(Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe back their chairs away from the table.)
back away: 退后
-Ross: No, I fold. (lays cards down, and gets up)
 , 我退出
-Rachel: What do you mean, you fold? Hey, come on! What is this? I thought that 'once the cards were dealt, I'm not a nice guy.' I mean, what, were you just full of it?
be full of it 对此满足】
退出是什么意思? 怎么了? 你不是发完牌后, 就六亲不认的狠角色吗? 还只是对此满足了吗.
(Ross thinks it over, finally sits down and picks up his cards.)
-Ross: I'm in. (throws in chips)
-Rachel: How many you want?
-Ross: One. (Rachel gives him the card.)
-Rachel: Dealer takes two. (she deals herself two cards) What do you bet?
-Ross: I bet two dollars. (throws it in)
-Rachel: OK... see your two... and I raise you twenty. (throws it in)
 好的, 我跟你2, 再加你20.
-Ross: I see your twenty, raise you twenty-five. (throws it in)
 我跟你20, 再加25
(The other four look amazed at the large pot.)
pot: 赌注
-Rachel: See your twenty-five...and...uh, Monica, get my purse.
 purse: 钱包
 跟你25, Monica, 把我钱包拿来.
(Monica gets up, looks in Rachel's purse.)
-Monica: Rachel, there's nothing in it.
 Rachel, 里面没钱.
-Rachel: OK, then get me your purse.
 好的, 那把你钱包拿来
(Monica gets Rachel her purse.)
-Monica: OK, here you go. Good luck.
 给你, 祝你好运
-Rachel: (to Monica): Thank you. (to Ross): I saw your twenty-five, and I raise you... seven.
 谢了, 我跟你25, 再加17
-Phoebe: ...teen! (throws in a ten-dollar bill)
(Ross looks in his wallet, pulls out two dollars.)
-Ross: (to Joey): Joey, I'm a little shy.
-Joey: That's OK, Ross, you can ask me. What?
 没问题, 你有什么问题可以问我, 怎么了?
(Ross looks at Joey, dumbfounded at his stupidity.)
dumbfound: 使人哑然失声, 使发楞  stupidity: 愚蠢
-Chandler: (to Ross): What do you need, what do you need?
-Ross: Fifteen.
-Chandler: Alright, here's ten. (gives it to him)
-Joey: Here, I got five, I got five. (Ross takes the money)
-Ross: Thank you.
-Chandler: Good luck.
-Ross: (to Rachel): OK, I am calling your seventeen. What do you got?
 再加17, 你有什么牌.
(Long pause as they both look at each other.)
-Rachel: (lays down cards) Full house.
Full house: 满堂红
(Ross stares at her. Thinks about it. Puts cards on table, face down.)
-Ross: You got me.
(Monica and Phoebe get up and start celebrating in the kitchen, pouring wine and singing. Rachel, shocked, goes to join them.)
celebrate: 庆祝 wine: 葡萄酒 
-Joey: (to Ross): Ahhh, that's alright. You know, that's a tough hand to beat.
 没关系, 你知道, 那确实很难赢
-Chandler: (to Ross): I thought we had them!
-Ross: Oh, well, when you don't have the cards, you don't have the cards, you know. (looks at Rachel) But, uh... look how happy she is. (smiles)
 没有好牌就是没有好牌, 你知道. 但是, 瞧她现在多开心
(Chandler and Joey look at her, and then look back at him. They dive for Ross's hand to see what he had, and he tries to stop them from looking.)
dive for: ...扑去,潜水寻找
[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, all six are playing Pictionary at Monica's apartment. Monica is drawing a picture, and the three guys are guessing. She draws what looks like an airplane.]
 airplane: 飞机
-Chandler: Airplane! Airport! Airport '75! Airport '77! Airport '79!
 飞机! 机场! 机场75! 机场77! 机场 79!
(Timer goes off.)
-Rachel: Oh, time's up.
-Monica: (pointing at the drawing, upset) Bye... bye... BIRDIE.
birdie n.小鸟
-Joey: Oh!
-Phoebe: That's a bird?
(Monica glares at Phoebe.)
glare: 瞪视
-Phoebe: That's a bird!
(Monica sits, Rachel gets up.)
-Rachel: OK, OK, it's my turn. (reads the answer)
 好了, 该我了
-Chandler: Go.
(Rachel starts drawing what looks like a bean.)
-Ross: Uh.... bean! Bean!
(Rachel begins tapping the picture of the bean frantically.)
 frantically: 发狂地
-Joey: (triumphantly) The Unbearable Likeness of Being!
The Unbearable Likeness of Being: 生命中不能承受之轻。大家在Monica家聚会,玩一个叫Pictionary的游戏,这个游戏的玩法就是有人画图,让大家猜成语或字。Joey的回答其实是一个相当好笑的谐音,实际答案《生命中不能承受之轻》的正确原文应该是The UnbearableLightness of Being. 这是知名捷克作家米兰.昆德拉(Milan Kundera)的著名小说,曾改编成电影《布拉格的春天》。但此处Rachel画了一颗豆子” bean, beanbeing音近,Joey又觉得Rachel的豆子画的受不了的相像”Unbearable Likeness,所以他就组成了这句TheUnbearable Likeness of Bean,表面意义是像得不得了的豆子,但谐音就是The UnbearableLightness of Being,所以他答对了。
-Rachel: Yes!
-Monica: That, you get? That, you get?
 你答对了?! 这都能答对?
(Monica picks up a glass to take a drink, everyone ducks as though she was about to throw it.)
词汇解析:Tina     校对:Litxin
  • Notes
be done with:不再同…打交道
curl your toes: 使你充满激情
so long as: 只要
soap opera: 肥皂剧
be supposed to: 应该
leave… open: 让…开着
roll him over 将他翻过身来
move off: 离开
head off : 出发
name after: 以……命名
put in jail:使……关押,入狱
turn back: (使)折回
just a sec: 等会儿
from now on: 从现在起(今后)
brush up against:碰及, 遭遇
step aside: 避开, 退让
run after: 追捕, 跟踪
check up on sb: 检查某人
out of: 在…范围外
leave on:让…保留着
hard on sb: 对某人刻薄
be mad at:对……感到愤怒
burst in:突然出现(或到来)
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